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"I am Hernando, I fear nothing. I am Jorge, I make the spackle."

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hello!! welcome to my profile! you can call me whatever you want, but i go by Momo, and dancer.

i joined YWS in the year 2020. i was a wee 11 year old who thought she knew everything lol. YWS helped me so much in growing in my writing skills. during my time here, i have
1) joined every conspiracy i could, including but not limited to: #classified, #goos, #pinkroyalty, #lokiverse, and one of the nanas. it gets kind of hard when the different conspiracies become enemies >.<
2) been a featured member december 17 to december 30 2020, just after my online sister Euphoria8!
and 3) done NaPo 2021 and NaPoWeek! i did 30 poems for NaPo, and two for NaPoWeek (i was on vacay with my fam at the time, otherwise i would have done all 7)

my online and real family consists of:
TypoWithoutCoffee my mom
Elfboy my dad
tweezers my brother
BluesClues my grandma
TrinityPoeting my aunt
and Overwatchful my irl sister!

that's all for now! if you want to know more about me, feel free to post on my wall or message me! <3


Dune 2021 | Star Wars | Percy Jackson | The Chosen | Rise of the Guardians | Marvel/Avenger | Cats the London Musical | Brandon Sanderson (Stormlight Archive, Elantris, Skyward) | Lord of the Rings | the Hobbit | Dragon Prince | Carmen Sandiego | Dance (ballet, tap, jazz, musical theater, pointe, lyrical, contemporary) | Poetry | Steam Powered Giraffe


Overwatchful's beta reader


Only the suppressed word is dangerous.
— Ludwig Borne