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  • I think the whole thing about diaries being "cliché" and "dorky" is so dumb. It's nice to write things down and write down your feelings. It's nice to look back at and see how you've improved in different areas. Maybe at the beginning of 6th grade you were super anxious and shy. Now it's 9th grade and you're a social butterfly and nothing scares you anymore. It's a good thing to see how much you've grown. I have one and am I ashamed? Not at all. Because I am using it for growth. Diaries are poorly represented in movies and books as a notebook only used by girls to talk about boys. Boys can have diaries too. I think they are a wonderful thing :)

  • I've been in such a good mood lately. It's nice to feel good and be genuine about it.

  • I have deleted all of my past status messages and am starting over. Hello.

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    Sep 30, 2019

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