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Hello! I'm Atlas. I joined YWS in August 2017 and have been writing on and off since 2015. While I don't write as much as I used to, I currently write fiction prose and dabble in poetry.

My interests include music of all genres, reading, birds, the MCU, and slam poetry. More specifically I've been really interested in the MCU's newest addition, WandaVision, poet Ethan Jewel, dirtbag boyband Bears in Trees, and the band Modern Baseball.

I am finishing my senior year of high school and am pursuing a double major in music performance and music education this fall. I am a huge music education advocate and a huge classical music nerd.

I'm always open to chatting, so if you need someone to talk to or just want to say hello feel free to shoot me a PM!

Fast Facts!
Name- Atlas
Age- 18
Pronouns- they/them
Favorite Song- Achilles Come Down by Gang of Youths
Favorite Book- I'll Fly Away by Rudy Francisco
Favorite Colors- Indigo and Forest Green
Favorite Show: WandaVision


Music, Reading, the MCU, birds, Poetry


Student, Writer, Musician

No, it's not that you didn't succeed. You accomplished a lot, but, if you want to touch people, don't concentrate so much on rhyme and metre. Think more about what you want to say instead of how you're saying it.
— LCDR Geordi La Forge