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Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much - Oscar Wilde

  • Apparently I published a short story yesterday that I didn't hear of until I woke up at my desk this morning.

    Normally something like that happens after a panic attack... kind of scared now... hopefully I didn't do weird things. During my attacks I always kind of black out sort of, like I barely remember what I was doing.

    Fell asleep at my desk... so probably had one... oops

  • Just published my first poem in forever!

    It's REALLY BAD so help me fix it and be nice in the comments

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    Stellarjay do you have a link?
    Feb 24, 2022

    aooborromeo @Stellarjay It's right here Midas
    Feb 24, 2022

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  • Some people love to post hate comments on social media and youtube.

    Whether its a celebrity or just another hooman its wrong, its bad, and immature!

    So here's my message to those who take the time in their day to write a hate comment on someone's profile:

    You have no life. GET ONE

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    Stellarjay Then there's YWS like:awwww I hope you have a good day xoxoxoxoxoxox
    Feb 21, 2022

  • Reading Animal Farm in my English Class.

    For those who have read it, or haven't its a book about anthropomorphic animals representing figures in the Russian revolutions.

    What's ironic is the pigs in the book represent evil communist dictator like politicians.

    Politicians and some people in real life are really just pigs in disguise.


    No offense to those who like pigs because they're cute or delicious.
    Or those like me who want a pet pig to cuddle. Or those whose best friend is a pig. Or those with a pig spirit animal.

  • I just realized something.

    I'm a pathetic loser with no social life, who's almost nineteen and has never been kissed

    Quillfeather <33333333 you ARE NOT a loser!
    Feb 9, 2022

    Rook Hey I'm just like you except I'm 23, soon to be 24! Except I've realized that I'm not a loser, I'm very happy being present in my life right now. I find the most fulfillment in life by going at my own pace and not the weird, frenetic pace society encourages everyone to try to keep up with.
    Unsolicited advice below, feel free to ignore if you're not looking for advice:
    Spoiler! :
    But it's also good to feel connected and supported by people around you so if you feel like you have no friends, maybe it's time to take control and make some yourself! My life motto is that everyone needs more friends, so usually people arne't going to get upset or weirded out if you try to put effort into being a friend. Everyone wants to get invited to things but everyone's afraid to invite people! And if you don't know anyone to invite to hang out, look around! Are there places you could go to try to make new friends? Clubs to join in your community? Check out your library or if you're in school see what extracurriculars it offers. If there is something like that, go and be proactive in making friends. Don't expect other people to befriend you, because almost everyone is pretty shy about making new friends.

    Feb 10, 2022

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  • I hope my blog post wasn't so sad and disgusting. But thank to all who read it.

    Please... all of your support really makes things brighter for me.

    Just remember:

    No matter how lonely you are, there is always someone out there for you.

  • Okay, I have no idea what to cook tomorrow. So... I'll let you guys vote!
    Been cooking for a while now, and I learned from watching Gordon Ramsey.
    Getting better at it for the family.

    1. Nutella waffles w/flambéed banana slices AND crispy bacon

    2. Western style homefries (diced potatoes, green/red peppers, onions, ground pork, tomatoes, cooked in bacon fat) AND Over easy eggs

    3. Classic Eggs Benedict (poached egg, Canadian bacon, homemade hollandaise sauce)

    4. Souffle style pancakes (beat egg whites until fluffy then mixed in with mix, vanilla) with mixed berry compote


    1. Fish and Chips (deep fried cod with homemade fries and homemade tartar sauce)

    2. Four Cheese Mac (fontina, Gruyere, cheddar, asiago) w/ bacon and bread crumbs

    3. Biscuits and Gravy (sausage gravy with homemade buttermilk biscuits)


    1. Baked Salmon (seasoned with lemon and pepper) w/ wild rice

    2. Fried Catfish w/ German style potato salad and corn bread

    3. Baked Ziti

    DESSERT (since I'm feeling nice :))

    1. Chocolate chip cookies

    2. Coconut cream pie

    3. Pumpkin pie

    4. Honey cake

    Check out my blog post that I'll post tonight giving updates on how I'm REALLY doing and what I want from my family

    Coffeeboyjay Baked Salmon
    Feb 3, 2022

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    Stellarjay I love these options!!! Okay, so for breakfast I would do 3. then for lunch a number 1. At dinner I'd do the 1 and then for dessert I'd do a 3.
    Feb 3, 2022

  • I'm so sorry about not posting. I wanted to post some short stories and do more writing, but... life gets in the way.

    Alongside my five college courses, teaching, etc. My mother is a first responder.

    So she went from working 12 hr shifts every other weekend and 3 days a week. To 12-almost 24 hr shifts almost every day and weekend.

    So... I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I started doing laundry for my aunt, grandma (who are staying with us temporarily), dad, brother and sister. Cooking all meals. Doing dishes. Cleaning, homework help, and more so my sister can stay stress free and my dad can work from home.

    So between teaching, college courses, and chores, I haven't had much time to sit down and write or just sit down in general.

    Sorry everyone. Now off to do a third load of laundry!

  • So something up there in heaven has it out for me. How is it possible for accidents like this to happen simultaneously?! It was like a cartoon!

    I was getting ready to brush my teeth, and then the toothpaste wasn't coming out of thing. I was just about to open a new thing of toothpaste, when a huge bottle of soap fell over and squished the toothpaste tube which squirted toothpaste into my eyes.

    I screamed loudly because toothpaste burned my eyes and when I tried to go the sink, the cabinet door on the wall above the sink opened and I bonked my nose on it. And next thing you know, my nose is bleeding.

    I screamed louder because my eyes were burning from the toothpaste, so i was still blind, and now my nose is bleeding. So then I went to get a towel to wipe the toothpaste off, but instead I ended up slamming my pinky toe into the heater. It slammed so hard, that the little piggy that went to the market will never come home.

    My toe was now bleeding like crazy, bye bye toenail. I still crawled to find a towel or something to wipe my burning eyes and press on my bleeding toe and bleeding nose.

    I finally managed to get myself to the shower and turned it on (still wearing pajamas) to turn on the shower and clean off my bleeding toe, toothpaste eyes. Then I accidentally turned the shower water to maximum hot and then I screamed louder because it was too hot.

    I slipped on the water trying to get out of the shower, and ended up falling back first onto the tile floor. So now my nose is bleeding from slamming it into the cabinet, toothpaste still semi covering my eyes, bleeding toe, and now a bruised back.

    Then I grabbed the shower curtain to pull myself up, and then the pole holding the shower curtain came crashing down onto my head.

    It all went black.

    I woke up ten minutes later with my dad hovering above me, wondering what happened.

    He said I looked like someone mugged me because of how much blood came out of my nose and toe.

    I said I was trying to brush my teeth, and then all this happened.

    He then took a picture of my state. Completely wet in soaked pajamas, bloody nose, bleeding toe, huge bump on my head, toothpaste covering my face and eyes, crying.

    Long story short... here's the moral of the story...

    Don't underestimate the evil of toothpaste.

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    Stellarjay Oh my I hope your okay! <3333
    Jan 31, 2022

    aooborromeo @Stellarjay I'm fine now. Just my ego hurts
    Jan 31, 2022

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  • MY BIO PROFESSOR SPEAKS FRENCH!!! I've been annoying my classmates by giving my answers in French


    Buranko my French teacher also speaks French Kappa
    Jan 25, 2022

  • Working on some new short stories! I hope you like them when I post them!

  • I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. School has been killing me!
    But... I'm doing a public speaking course and my classmates/teacher have been saying I make it look easy.

    For some reason, I never developed a fear of public speaking.

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    Stellarjay That's awesome! <333333333
    Jan 13, 2022

  • So… I’m single again. He dumped me…

    But I think I’m better off without him and I might one day find someone who deserves me!!!

    I’m amazing no matter what he made me feel

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    Stellarjay <3 <3 <3 <3
    Dec 28, 2021

    lliyah <3
    Dec 28, 2021

  • Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy Holidays!!!!

    Coffeeboyjay Merry Christmas @aooborromeo🎈🥳
    Dec 25, 2021

  • Soo... my ex-boyfriend Josh, who I mentioned broke up with me, asked for forgiveness and to give him another chance.

    Me being the forgiving person, said yes on the conditions of not expecting anything (sexual, extreme commitment), still guarding my heart in a way.

    I'm giving it chance because I always believed that people deserve second chances. And also maybe, because in a strange way I missed him. But I'm setting my boundaries and being firm with what I'm comfortable and not comfortable with.

    Maybe, I'm a pathetic pushover but I'm willing to try again.
    I know that he hurt me, and his mental health is a half and half excuse, but I'm willing to try and see how things go.

    Staying hopefully optimistic yet cautious for my mental health and whether or not he falls into the same habits of pressuring me

    Wish me luck!

    EsmerayaRose You are not pathetic. Amazingly, you are giving him a second chance just remember the reason why yall broke up in the first place. Make sure he knows your boundaries and that he understands them and won't push you past it. And I wish you the best of luck! If you ever need someone to talk to My PMs are always open.
    Dec 17, 2021

    aooborromeo @QueenMadrose thanks! I'm cautious and firm this time about my boundaries!
    Dec 17, 2021

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— Chinese saying