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Welcome! Your vibe has been approved by the alpaca.

  • KaiaJersaga
    Jul 1, 2023

    Congratulations Tortoise Alpaca! Well done, well done!

    alpacaboss Congratulations to you too Tortoise Kaia!

    Ironic how something can be an alpaca and a tortoise at the same time HAHAHA

    Jul 1, 2023

    KaiaJersaga Well, you're unique!!
    Jul 1, 2023

  • ReviewBuddy
    Jul 1, 2023

    Well done this month!


    alpacaboss Thank you! Congrats to all my fellow tortoises, too! (I know I am an alpaca, but…yeah this is okay HAHAH)
    Jul 1, 2023

  • As of the moment...

    "There are 5 works with 0 reviews and 49 works with 1 review in the Green Room."

    Good one guys. It was around 10+ works with 0 reviews and 60+ works with 1 review about a month ago. We're making progress! Let's clear those Green Room Beasties!

  • I want to write something about this piece of music, but I can't (as of the moment)...

    it's one of those indescribable emotions that you can't exactly pinpoint.
    Bittersweet, nostalgic, magical, wistful, delicate yet heavy, happy and sad, soul-crushing and uplifting...all at the same time

    Try to have a listen! This may open an interesting discussion on the limits of music and writing or subjects across that line

    "The Rose And The Thorn" by Johannes Bornlöf
    (it can be found in both YouTube and Spotify :))

    Happy listening!

    Book It's appsolutly beautiful!
    I love it.
    It's better than Mozart in my opinion but that's mine
    Thank you Alpacaboss for this piece!
    Still listening to it,

    Jun 28, 2023

    alpacaboss Glad you like it! Happy to share the music :D
    Jun 28, 2023

  • so I saw your background and I am now curious...do you play the piano? also I love your username and your avatar lol, great choice. alpacas are amazing

    alpacaboss A keen observation!

    Yes I do play piano, although I wish I had more time and passion to hone that craft

    And yes alpacas are amazing 🤩

    Jun 24, 2023

  • loveissourgrapes
    Jun 23, 2023

    I love the new chapter of yours! Might review that some time when I am not busy c: Keep on writing, @alpacaboss!

    alpacaboss Thank you! Really appreciate it :)
    Jun 23, 2023

    loveissourgrapes You're welcome! c:
    Jun 23, 2023

  • God loves you!!

    alpacaboss Aww thanks for the reminder! God does love us all a lot.
    God bless!

    Jun 22, 2023

    Jun 23, 2023

  • I'm at a point where I have so many ideas, but I don't know where to start.
    Please help me chose an idea...

    1. A poem/short story about the struggles of a "genius"
    2. Another poem based on a musical piece
    3. A happy cute poem on alpacas
    4. An angsty short story about friends to lovers to enemies (or something)

    alliyah Oh these are all good - I'd love to see 2 + 3 ! We don't have enough alpaca poetry on YWS I am quite sure.
    Jun 21, 2023

    Spearmint yess, i would also love to see some alpaca poetry! :D but number 4 also sounds interesting, because i usually see it the other way around-- enemies to lovers >.> i'm here for trope flips xD
    Jun 21, 2023

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  • The alpaca is becoming...a...tortoise??
    Excellent job reviewing this month! :)

    alpacaboss Hahaha Thank you @KaiaJersaga !
    Jun 21, 2023

    KaiaJersaga You welcome! :D
    Jun 21, 2023


    Oh! And here's a little turtle that is cheering you on!


    alpacaboss Yayy! Thank you @alliyah and baby turtle 🐢
    Jun 21, 2023

  • A soft melody plays from the darkness. It is the prelude to a story that twists and turns and comes from the voice of a young woman who possesses a special gift.

    Come read " Prelude "!

    (or not, I'm not forcing you to read hehe :>)

  • Good day!

    if you don't mind, please tell me if this character's story is worth investing on :)

    (or if you are the rare person who doesn't want to look at the spoiler, I'll just be writing something across the lines of a dark academia, mystery/suspense short novel) :D

    Spoiler! :

    Hello, my name is Blaire Pensworth, a 16 year old student in Hawksthorn Academy. Here's something not many know about me. I have a special ability to hear music from different events, places, and people. Like if I actually met you face to face, I could certainly determine what your signature piece is (or what your vibe sounds like technically), But honestly, I feel like I could do more with my gift...

    Spearmint ooooh that sounds like a really cool ability! 0.0 i'd be interested in reading this =P
    Jun 18, 2023

    alpacaboss Once I finish some of my exams, actually get the willpower to edit, and summon the courage to post (this will be the hardest), I will be posting the first chapter of her story. :D
    Jun 18, 2023

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  • Lovely avatar! Also wonderful work with Team Tortoise so far! Just 15 days left to go! :)

    alpacaboss Thank you!!
    Jun 16, 2023

  • loveissourgrapes
    Jun 14, 2023

    nice new avatar c:

    alpacaboss Thank you!
    Jun 14, 2023

  • I recently got this idea to make a mystery story based on a girl who has a special ability (no spoilers so I'm not saying anything). It has dark academia vibes and its setting is in a school campus.

    Here's my dilemma. I have never written mystery before (but I read Sherlock Holmes books and other mystery books).

    Any advice on how to write mystery? :)

    loveissourgrapes Good luck! I am sorry, I have no advice because I am currently writing one too. But I will read that too c:
    Jun 14, 2023

    alpacaboss Thanks hehe
    At least I'm not alone :>

    Jun 14, 2023

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"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"
— Albus Dumbledore