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    I am super excited + also super busy ~ so have not had a lot of poetry time; but I am sure I will end up with 30 poems by the end of the month either way; the perfectionist in me will indeed take over at some point. Lots of wedding updates though for those who like to read about wedding planning ~

    Spoiler! :

    I just had my wedding shower this Sunday and I think I am set for kitchen towels for the rest of my life. It was so nice; my mom was even able to drive in from out West. Someone made me a giant hand-painted floral sign with my new last name on it - and I was just absolutely blown away. The church ladies also made a beautiful quilt for me too and it is just gorgeous. Never underestimate handmade gifts!

    Here's some /exciting/ things we've completed:
    > GOT PRE-APPROVED FOR HOUSE LOAN + HAVE A REALTOR (I am super super excited to soon live in a house after renting / apartments / parsonages / dorms etc. for the last 10 years... oh my goodness the ability to have pets and space and for things to feel like a home??! I am so excited I can not overstate that) That being said the housing market is awful right now, but we do have at least 2 that have piqued our interest.

    > Dress + Shoes -> alterations are complete! I may need to share like some cropped photos after wedding at some point, because it is so pretty; I love it.

    > Reception(s) -> we are having a "dessert reception" where we are anticipating 250 people to attend and eat cake / donuts / cookies. Oh, did I mention my church's fellowship hall only seats 170 people @_@ yeah, please pray for nice weather so that people can sit outside or we might have an issue; but I really can not worry about that - there will be plenty of cake and food ready to feed up to 300. Then after the dessert reception + photos we have the close family and friends reception at a fancy restaurant venue. My main anxiety for this is neither my fiancé or I are big on dancing (feels too much like awkward middle school dances) and I think my mom is anticipating a choreographed dance to Beyonce's Texas Hold'Em... yeah I can not think about this too much or I start to panic.

    > Ceremony -> I am so excited for all the ceremony elements! Being very religious, I picked my favorite portions from different liturgies and then we came up with vows based on the traditional ones and spent probably an hour or more on figuring out the readings. I am having a family friend who has known me since I was a child and has watched me grow up sing for the special music and I think that is definitely going to make me cry no doubt, because I already am getting overly emotional just listening to the wedding music we have picked. -_- AH! Looking forward to it! And have also picked the most perfect officiants who are both very precious to me. :')

    > Cruise -> We are going on a cruise for the honeymoon; I've never been, so am pretty excited! Will be very lovely to be far away from work for a week too.


    > Men's ties. @_@ I have spent way too long surfing through different tie options and combinations and am still undecided. At this point might just order two different options and decide later.

    > RINGS! RINGS! RINGS! I can not believe this isn't done yet. But alas.

    Valkyria Ooh, this is so exciting. Congratulations! Wishing you a wonderful ceremony!
    Apr 17, 2024

    Hkumar omg so happy for you alliyah <3 All these sound fabulous :D
    Apr 17, 2024

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  • PCREW PICK: April 15

    Here's my #PcrewPick for April 15 - @IcyFlame's Poem 13 here is an achy reflection on nostalgia with dusty imagery and brooding and layered word choice.

    The broom bristles against the floorboards, dislodging ashes of forgotten fires, I sweep away fragments of love and loss,
    As if spring cleaning could mend life’s frayed wires.

    If you've ever moved from a long-worn home, or returned to a childhood home, you know all of these nostalgic feelings. Check it out! I enjoyed the read and have enjoyed Icy's whole thread of dusk and dragonflies.

    What's your favorite poem you've read today? Share with us with the hashtag ~ #PeoplesPick and read the other "Pcrew Picks" in the hall of fame.

    IcyFlame thanks alliyah <3 this made my day!
    Apr 17, 2024

    alliyah No problem! Loving your thread!
    Apr 17, 2024

  • alliyah wrote:Half-way through NaPo. You've got this. Still time to revise goals, make a mad dash to the finish-line, get inspired, write something you're proud of. You're a poet after all. It's what you do!


    Check out this week's Neapolitan Games for a quick ice cream break and see if you can use this week's prompts or find this week's "mystery" NaPo line (maybe it's even your line!)

    NEXT DEADLINE: April 22

  • Grammatical "rules" that I just cannot accept...

    I feel strongly it should be "your" welcome rather than "you're" welcome >:[

    Like i am alliyah. I am not Welcome. (Though I DID have a great uncle named Welcome). So it is not you are welcome. What would that even mean to be a welcome and what would it mean for someone to say that that is What I am?

    I much prefer to say "your" welcome. As in, I had a sense of welcomeness and now I am bestowing it to you, I want it to be yours, I want you to keep the favor or compliment or item as your own, so now I have given it to you and now it is truly your (possessive) welcome.

    Sorry I can't think if it any other way. :] your welcome.

    alliyah Your welcome is also the logical opposite to the phrase "my bad".

    I have done well and want to extend wellness and welcomeness to you -> your welcome
    I have made a bad mistake, so want to hold on to it and not blaim or inconvenience you so I keep it -> my bad

    Apr 11, 2024

    yosh well sometimes i intentionally say things grammatically wrong cause its fun
    Apr 11, 2024

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  • Can you believe we are 1 / 3rd of the way through NaPo!?

    Note to self: write more poetry.

    LadySpark wrote:

    Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

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  • Oh two more wonderful #PCrewPick @PcrewPicks (idk if the hashtag is plural) :]

    @yosh - I am unfortunately going to continue to read that title as "fallign bird" forever now.
    @starbean - you are masterful at these metaphors! loving your thread this month!
    LadySpark wrote:I have some updates to do regarding my pcrew picks this month!

    My first selection was by @yosh, their poem - falling bird. I am obsessed with this line, particularly, winds watching wings writhe and wither, and couldn't get it out of my head when I first read it.

    Secondly, I chose @starbean's things i wish that will never be true. I was drawn to now, my eyes are like funhouse mirrors, and loved the way this imagery drew a picture in my mind.

    There are so many amazing poems being written every day this year! I am always so impressed with the talent during the month of April.

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    yosh :|
    Apr 11, 2024

  • AmayaStatham wrote:Challenges for Week Two are here!! Be sure to participate ^^
    alliyah wrote:
    alliyah wrote:Image

    Introducing... (new for 2024) ... the NEAPOLITAN GAMES!

    Each week there will be 3 simple "Mini Poetry Challenges" that you have all week to try out. If you win a challenge you get a badge & 25 points; sweet deal right?

    Check out the first three challenges here: The Neapolitan Games (Weekly NaPo Mini Challenges)

    Deadline for first challenges: APRIL 7

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  • venting -
    Spoiler! :

    Ooof :[ one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning as of lately has been realizing how many of my friends and family aren't planning to come. This is the horrible part about living 800 miles from where I grew up and having lived all over the country for the past 10 years is that now I just live too far away for people to reasonably travel. Even though I understand it is not reasonable to expect them to come, it still stings to realize that a lot of people that I had always imagined being at my wedding just simply can not make it. ie. even my own grandmother is not coming, nor any of my cousins, none of my childhood-high school friends can come etc. I'm grateful for those who are coming for sure, and trying to have a good attitude but ugh; feeling super depressed about it all this week. I think I'm being a little unreasonable because we actually have a lot of my church folks + my fiancé's family/friends coming so it is not like this will be a small wedding at all and I'm grateful for all the support - but it's still tough.

    Also just in general very very very busy planning for things this month so not sure how much poetry I'll be writing for NaPo this April. But we'll see.

    Spoiler! :
    I’m so sorry that your grandma, cousins, and childhood-highschool friends won’t be able to make it <333 that sounds so hard! I can imagine how badly they want to be there for you and how much they still love you. I really admire how you are still able to express gratitude for those who you know will be there. This is definitely not an easy situation, but thanks for sharing and I can really see how hard you’re trying to keep the positivity. Praying for you, friend <3333

    Apr 10, 2024

    Spoiler! :
    I'm so sorry to hear that Alliyah. I'm pretty sure they would have come if they had even the tiniest chance. Stay strong and all the best with planning! I'm sure you'll be the most beautiful and happiest bride on 18 May <3

    Apr 10, 2024

  • I also am a fan of this poem #PeoplesPick #NaPo24
    Snoink wrote:This might possibly be the best poem on YWS: War And Geese

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  • Announcing... a WINNER

    Announcing the long-awaited results of the "Best New Review Template" contest! Come see the wonderful review templates everyone came up with (maybe you'll get inspired) and read who the winner is... here .

  • Lovely #PCrewPick !! So much good poetry this month!
    Quillfeather wrote:
    PCrew Pick April 9th

    We are already over a week into napo and we have so many amazing poems to choose from!
    This particular poem grabbed my attention from the interesting formatting. The emotions are raw and tangible.
    This weeks Pcrew Pick is i read between the lines by @herbalhour from the thread melancholia induced by my lack of self

    The way it is formatted feels like taking of a mask revealing deeper meanings and truer self, which is a very interesting and beautiful way to write this. As welll as lines done alternating and inverse.
    when i die will you('ll) for(emember)get me (right)?
    (maybe you will, and i'll be left hanging,
    like a carcass on telephone wire.)

    I have really enjoyed reading this thread!

    #PCrewPick #NaPo24

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  • Daily PCrewPick: April 8

    The Pcrew Pick of the day is from @Que's thread and is poem viii "this poem is for waiting"

    Que's thread is fantastic as usual with themes of love and faith and nature and contemplation. This poem tackles feels like "people watching" and takes a look at those who travel to see the eclipse.

    And maybe this poem
    is itself a prayer,
    for the voyagers, stargazers,
    truck drivers and construction workers,
    gods and men; angels,
    who bear witness;

    Be sure to give our latest #PcrewPick a read, as well as check out the full list of our Poetry Crew Picks over at the PCrew Pick Hall of Fame. Lots of wonderful poems so far!

    Que <3
    Apr 9, 2024

  • alliyah wrote:Have I mentioned if you need poetry prompts for NaPo that Rook and I have made 30 chicken themed poetry prompts and are posting them on our social media throughout the month! Check out CoopZine on twitter for a prompt every day of April! :)

    Happy National Poetry Writing Month!

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  • alliyah https://pad.riseup.net/p/WWHfsr_GTsIlx7QwJ77O-keep Changing to this.
    Apr 6, 2024

    Meshugenah Noooo! I keep missing pads :(
    Apr 7, 2024

  • There is absolutely a "fire" theme in a lot of these first week poems I've noticed - this one is awesome and striking - do check it out!

    creaturefeature wrote:
    PCrewPick: April 4

    I've been scrolling through people's NaPo threads for the past few hours, and I can't express how much I love everyone's poetry! It's amazing to see how our community comes together in that way.

    I'd like to mention one poem specifically though ~ mama says the worst is over (i am 7 & i only know how to love) by @mantra. When I first read this poem, I fell in love with it. It is nostalgic and bitter, but it is beautiful. The imagery feels so familiar to me, almost as if it was my own memory. It's striking and powerful, and I recommend you give it a read!

    Here is a stanza that especially stuck out to me:
    our bodies were puppets for the sun;
    waxy flesh scorched by parking lots,
    hiding scraped knees to stay out of trouble,
    walking a tight rope
    between here & the sky.

    If you want to follow along with his thread, here it is: (i was a lonely estate)

    #PCrewPick #Napo24

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