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  • Ah! Exciting! Just 5 more Green Room Reviews and I'll have finally found that KotGR Unicorn! :D I think I might actually manage that goal before the end of RevMo!

    alliyah wrote:Looks like it's #RevMo again! One of the most exciting times of the year for YWS ~ I'm finding myself very very busy at the moment, but I can't resist the draw of those fun username colors so here are my #ReviewGoals

    1) I have written 488 green room reviews towards my 500 needed for the KotGR unicorn, so I'd like to finish up writing the remaining 12 Green Room Reviews before the month is over! (I've been working on this particular challenge since September 2018, and have been in KotGR since June 2013, so a goal 10 years in the making)...

    2) I won't be able to manage Team Tortoise to grab that beautiful Dark Cyan username, but I am hopeful I could maybe do the 35 Reviews needed for the medium sea green

    3) Hoping to may participate in sharing some reviewing tips!

    4) I think that's all I can manage! Outside of reviewing I'm hoping to put the finishing touches on my monthly musings chapbook draft in the first half of this month and then am sending it to a friend for edit suggestions. I'm excited! Have been submitting a lot of poetry to places recently and hoping to stay on top of that.

    Good luck this month everyone in your reviewing!!

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    Plume Amazing work!!! You got this!
    Sep 22, 2023

  • Nice poem! :)
    Dossereana wrote:I wrote something that I'm not used to I hope you all enjoy!
    The Gentle Creatures

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    alliyah ~ #poetryshoutout
    Sep 22, 2023

  • Another edition of COOP is out! :) This makes 6 full editions of COOP so far and still going strong! If you do give it a read and have any thoughts or favorites please feel free to let @Rook or I know. :D

    Chicken Fan Club wrote:Hey friends, chickens, and readers! The newest edition of COOP: chickens of our poetry zine is out and ready to download / read / share! :) Hope you enjoy it, this was so much fun to put together. And as always if you happen to have chicken art / poetry (or even a short story <.<) be sure to check COOP out - we may be interested in it for our next zine!


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  • AilahEvelynMae
    Sep 20, 2023

    just wanted to pop over and say that i think you are amazing! i appreciate the amazing reviews you leave on my work (and others) and how detailed and awesome they are! i can tell that you really do care and try. thank you for being such a good person alliyah <3 i appreciate you!

    alliyah Awe! Thank you very much! :D

    Sep 21, 2023

  • This is a fun tag that @FireEyes started way back in 2021 that I just remembered because I was re-reading my old wall posts xD Going to try to resurrect it - the idea is you think of ice cream flavors that you think go with different YWSers and then include the hashtag #ywsicecream

    Here's what I could come up with -

    @FireEyes - cinnamon swirl
    @Spearmint - mint oreo
    @Quillfeather - marshmallow fudge
    @gremlingeodes - coffee cocoa swirl
    @weathervane - earl grey vanilla bean
    @Liminality - lemon graham cracker
    @Elinor - red velvet
    @BluesClues - raisin bran crunch (thinking of a flavor Edna might like!)
    @GengarIsBestBoy - Blueberry Pie
    @Meshugenah - monster cookie
    @keystrings - key lime pie
    @Rook - chocolate chip raspberry swirl
    @AilahEvelynMae - pumpkin spice
    @OrabellaAvenue - cotton candy

    FireEyes wrote:what if we started tagging people and described them as ice cream?...Imma do it

    @MomoMajesty: Cotton Candy with rainbow Sprinkles
    @LadyMysterio: Black Cherry
    @Carina: All the flavours that mesh well together at once with a single brownie on top

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    Can anyone add some more YWSers and Ice Cream flavors to our lists? :D

    Spearmint yaaas mint ice cream :333
    @alliyah - lavender with a light dusting of sea salt
    @WeepingWisteria - wisteria (it's actually a flavor!) with dark chocolate shavings
    @LuminescentAnt - strawberry drizzled with honey and a waffle cone

    Sep 19, 2023

    Liminality Haha this is neat! It's been months since I had ice cream so I can't actually come up with flavours off the top of my head <.< but

    @alliyah - a blue sorbet that actually tastes citrussy
    @VengefulReaper - coffee and fudge
    @Ventomology - raspberry and citrus

    Sep 19, 2023

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  • *looking at some of you amazing poets out there!* Join our fun YWS Collection - it'll be such a nice little keepsake to have a bunch of the best YWS poems from the year all in one place. :)
    Hijinks wrote:So far we have five amazing poems submitted - but I know for a fact that far more than five wonderful poems have been written this year. And we want ALL of them for our collection! (Or, if that's unreasonable, at least a very sizeable amount). If you've written even a single poem this year, please consider submitting it :) I promise we don't bite.
    Hijinks wrote:

    Poetry Alert! Poetry Alert! Poetry Alert!

    New this year, your Poetry Crew presents: The 'Best of YWS' Poetry Collection, 2023 Edition! We're creating a site-wide poetry collection made up of all your favourite YWS poems from this year! Poem submissions are open from now until November 10th. After all the submissions have been received, we're going to put together a dandy PDF that will be ready in time for you to print it out and give to friends at the start of the new year. This is not a competition, meaning as long as your poem meets a couple simple content guidelines, it will be added to the collection. For more details you can head over to the official Submission Thread. The more poems, the merrier - so if you've even written a single poem this year, we'd love for you to submit it for consideration!

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  • I might get to host Thanksgiving this year for mom, mom's husband, sister, and bf! :D :D :D :D I am super excited since I haven't seen the family since April and miss them terribly :] but also my "dining area" only seats ... 2 people so I may have to get creative. The holidays can not get here soon enough!

    What's your essential Thanksgiving food item? (mine is sweet potatoes - I don't love turkey that much, so will probably cook a ham <.<)

    OrabellaAvenue Pie. My dad's side of the family can't live without pie.
    Sep 18, 2023

    keystrings My essential Thanksgiving food item is constantly changing -- whatever tastes best that year! xD Cranberry sauce has never been my favorite food, but the last few years ... it's been yummy :p
    Sep 18, 2023

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  • I love your new pf picture! It seems so professional. ✨

    alliyah thank you very much! :D I made it especially for Review Month one year and now seem to re-use it whenever my name is purple! :)
    Sep 18, 2023

  • ~ #monthlymusings #alliyahpoets

    Autumn is pushing into my home before I have a chance to tell her she's early, and the sun hasn't arrived yet and won't for several hours. She does not care. She has laid out her collection of dried flowers, and acorns, and chirping crickets in an uneven row across my doormat and asks where I would like her to leave her storm-songs? I tell her I am not interested in buying anything today, not a girl-scout cookie, not a popcorn-ball, not a hurricane, and no I'm not nostalgic enough to start a fire or to turn on the heat in my apartment before October. She doesn't take no for an answer though. And against my better judgement, we are soon conversing like the old-friends we are, willing to overlook the mess, and overly comfortable with each-other's bad habits because we share them. With legs folded in on couch cushions, and mugs of tea at our palms, we will gossip into the moonlight-hours about the way Winter is always flirting with the trees, telling stories about how the Summer's been long and scarce, how we're scared of how fast time seems to move and take and take and take and how we're both ready for a season of hoarding everything we can hold.

    BluesClues oh I love this <3
    Sep 16, 2023

    Dossereana this is so beautiful!
    Sep 16, 2023

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  • GengarIsBestBoy
    Sep 16, 2023


    alliyah YES :D
    Sep 16, 2023

  • PaigeFantasy
    Sep 16, 2023

    hi anchovies. :mrgreen:

    alliyah Thank you! :D

    How are you Paige?

    Sep 16, 2023

    PaigeFantasy (lol yw!)
    i’m okay! slightly stressed because of family members coming to visit tonight. how about you?

    Sep 16, 2023

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  • The "logical" order of writing a book (priorities)

    1) come up with idea
    2) draft order you want to write ideas
    3) write book
    4) edit book
    5) make a cool cover ~ and title ~
    6) give book to public who are eagerly awaiting book
    7) work on casting movie stars for the film version of the book ~

    The order that things seem to go instead ...

    1) come up with half an idea
    2) write like two random paragraphs and agonize about word choice for 1 sentence because you forget the word for "guise" at this stage it is also vital to come up with a playlist for each character of your book
    3) do a deep multi-day dive of research into something that will not be covered in any level of detail in your book, but is almost related to something
    4) scrap all of your ideas and instead agonize about main character's pet chicken's name
    5) spend most of your free time making a ~cool cover with an inspiring title~ for your book which has no writing yet
    6) get to work on casting the characters for the film version of the book
    7) remember that you still haven't written any of said book, or outlined it, or even really have coherent ideas - but at least your main character's chicken does have a name
    8 ) celebrate by designing the covers for sequel 2-10.

    alliyah in other news
    1) I have a book idea
    2) I have about 14 versions of the cover design for my book
    3) no writing exists yet but I do have IDEAS

    Sep 15, 2023

    GengarIsBestBoy Personally, I daydream up a vague, hole-filled story, and when it’s time to write, I fill the holes with the most ridiculous thing you could imagine

    This is how Spooky Squad was made

    Sep 15, 2023

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  • LuminescentAnt wrote:Okay, anyone else who want to be added, please let me know, because I will finish it soon!
    LuminescentAnt wrote:Hey everyone! So I am thinking of making a review banner that includes different YWS references that are images that represent people. What I mean is, like for me I would put in a picture of Pusheen or an ant. If you would like to be included in this banner as an animal/object/anything else that represents you, please let me know by replying to this and telling me what that object would be. I will be including as many people as I can, but if you want to make sure you are on there, then that is why you would reply to this.

    It would be really helpful if you shared this, so more people can see. Thank you!

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    LuminescentAnt Thanks for the repost!
    Sep 15, 2023

  • soundofmind
    Sep 14, 2023

    i see u liked my chapter. i don't think it had chickens in it....

    alliyah <.<
    Sep 15, 2023

"You, who have all the passion for life that I have not? You, who can love and hate with a violence impossible to me? Why you are as elemental as fire and wind and wild things..."
— Gone With the Wind