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  • So @Pentavalence tagged me for this thing called #5reasonstosmile
    Starting Alex Blackwell.
    1. Just woke up from a nap. Sleep is very important. esp. for an insomniac like me.
    2.Life is a little overwhelming right now, but I don't mind a bit. For some reasons, I see that as a reason to be happy, too.
    3.Food! I am hungry and am about to whip something for myself.
    4.I have some amazing friends and a penpal! These guys make me smile everyday!
    5.I don't really have a reason to be happy; so I'm making the best out of things.

    I'm tagging- @AlexOfLight @Aleta @MeAndMyThoughts @Morrigun

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    MeAndMyThoughts Yo.
    Feb 3, 2017

  • alexblackwell
    Feb 2, 2017

    Okay. Just discovered this.

If a million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.
— Anatole France