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  • PaigeFantasy hiiiii
    May 22, 2023

  • It it bad that I prefer more feminine names for my male characters?

    GengarIsBestBoy This reminds me of the book I’m reading: the female mc is named Jac and the male mc is named Hazel
    May 1, 2023

  • Someone like You by Adele hits different when your thinking about a former best friend...

    Euphory Agreed. So many songs hit different when you're thinking about a best friend. It is heartbreaking-
    Apr 17, 2023

    Zyria Sometimes it lasts in friendship, sometimes it hurts instead...
    Apr 19, 2023

  • Messing around with a photo to anime converter and OMSC I'm pleased with the results


  • Can anyone recommend to me a book, or book series that has the following elements?
    -complex plot that really makes you think
    -characters that diverge from troupes lol
    -A magic system related to stars and outer-space

  • Oh my God and they both took advantage of an Altean member of Voltron who happened to be royalty to access the quintessence field. Lotor just doesn't wanna admit that he's his father but with Haggars cunning
    Zyria wrote:I'm rewatching Voltron and I just realized this
    Lotor: Hates being associated with his father who was obsessed with researching quintessence, and [objectively] turned evil because of it
    Also Lotor: Is obsessed with researchung quintessence and commits wrong because of it

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  • I'm rewatching Voltron and I just realized this
    Lotor: Hates being associated with his father who was obsessed with researching quintessence, and [objectively] turned evil because of it
    Also Lotor: Is obsessed with researchung quintessence and commits wrong because of it

  • I turned one of my poems to axsongg. This is a lullaby one of my characters sings to her child before she gives him up

  • I messed around with Canva [my intention was to create a design for a favorite line from a poem I recently published] and this is the result


  • So, I wrote a poem inspired by one of my antagonists and yup, please be sure to worship me leave a review
    little sour-dough girl

  • Currently in orbit around here, workshopping a few poems

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  • I can't decide of 13 year old me was a comedic genius or a curse to all comedy
    He paused for a moment then continued on. 

    ‘’I had been walking down my favorite alleyway as usual, you know the one that’s by the red house? Well, that’s when your mother bumped into me, causing me to trip.’’

    ‘’Like this?’’ Arceus asked, and then spun around as though he were dizzy and collapsed dramatically to the floor. 

    ‘’Nah,’’ Chase shook his head, ‘’I was more graceful than that. Anyway, your mother, instead of apologizing, just shook her head and meowed 

    ‘’I’m so tired of tomcats tripping over me.’’ 

    I don’t know why I said this but my response was 

    ‘’Well you are quite a knockout.’’ 

    Quillfeather Must've been a long time ago considering you're 101 ;)
    Apr 7, 2023

  • OMG, I came across some writing from when I was 13, and it's actually not that horrible? A little dramatic maybe as my writing always is, but it's not horrible?
    Spoiler! :

    Eagle slowly crept through the forest. The woods were silent, but every noise seemed magnified-the quiet swish swish as her pelt brushed against ferns, the soft crunch, crunch, of the leaves as she stepped on them, and she felt overly conscious of the thump, thump, thump of her heart.

    She paused, and lifted her nose to take in the cool predawn air.

    She smelled the sweet musky scent of leaves, the clear biting smell of water but...was that another cat? Eagle had been aware that there'd be consequences when she made her choice, after all, it defied the Mandate of Dignity, the laws of honor and conduct all cats were expected to follow. But then again, the shortsighted idiots, who'd made the law hadn't known the joy she'd felt when she first gazed into her daughter face, or the irresistible compulsion she had to protect her, and be with her every secant of every day.

    Eagle quickened her pace.

    The sun had had risen a little more as the world began to awake. She could make out the outline outlines of tree trunks, and rough texture And finally, there in the distance! The stone rock where she'd hidden little Horizon and his brother Skylar. She pricked her ears eager to hear their little cries of welcome.

    Eagle stopped.

    Silence. Utter silence.

    Her kits were gone!

    She quickly scanned the area. There was no trace of fox or blood, no trace of badger, or dog either. She narrowed her eyes and focused on the bushes that surrounded the rock, carefully noting their every shadow, their every movement. A cat could easily hide between those tow right bushes next two and, behind the rocks.

    Then suddenly a orange tabby cat rose out of the bushes, or rather, from the shadows. There was no mistaking the insolent smirk, the arrogant way in which he strode, and the air of mocking cruelty in those ice blue eyes. This could be only one cat.

    ''Twilight!'' she hissed, fury surging through her veins like fire. He had no right to be here!

    ''Looking for these, I suppose?'' he meowed coyly. He had her two kittens tightly wrapped in a death choke.

    ''Hand. Them. Over. Right. Now.'' she snarled, announcing each word, slowly, like a snake about to spew poison. She unsheathed her claws.

    ''Now now,'' Twilight meowed calmly, his voice thick with condensation, ''Let's not jump to conclusions. I'm not actually going to harm these poor wittle things.'' There was biting sarcasm in his tone when he said 'wittle things.''

    Eagle bushed out her fur growling and prepared to attack Twilight. Then she halted. He seemed unusually calm. Eagle could sense no deceptive tone to his voice. The condensation was a normal attitude for him. Then she saw it, in the way he stood, the look in his eyes. She forced her self to relax.

    ''You want something.'' She meowed, and met his stare.

    Twilight nodded slowly.

    ''You've always been to smart for your own good.'' He commented.

    Twilight spat and twitched her tail.

    ''And you have always been too arrogant for the size of your head. It's a wonder you haven't tripped and fell.''

    Twilight narrowed his eyes.

    ''Sharp as ever I see.'' He sat down, and leisurely began to lick his ear. ''Well then, clever one, can guess what I want?''

    Eagle tilted her head, and studied him. What would an idiotic, self-centered, pompous jerk want from her? His motivations were always selfish-more power, more honor, more food, more adoration...

    Her heart stopped.

    ''You want my kits dead bodies.'' She snarled.

    Another nod.

    ''It's nothing personal I'm sure you understand.'' He meowed, the all the smug expression on his face vanishing into wide-eyed, honest sincerity. ''But I cannot allow them to live.'' He met her gaze again. ''Especially since their father is a criminal.''

    Hurt cut at Eagle's stomach like a knife. He spoke the truth-The father of her kits was Ravano-an infamous criminal responsible for murdering some very prominent cats, and terrorizing the rest of the known world. She'd come to see how dangerous he was a lot later then she'd have liked, and it had nearly cost her her life. Eagle had also had firsthand experience about evil and how it worked, and she'd made a vow then and there-her kits would never become criminals like their father before them. She knew they'd be fine so as long as she kept them away from his influence. Unfortunately, other cats never seemed to understand this. They were blinded by their fear and ignorance regarding evil, where as, she felt like she'd seen into the heart of it Suddenly she realized what Twilight was up to. He'd told her he wanted their dead bodies because he new she'd refuse to let anyone kill them, and let them live. He'd probably intended to weave in some smooth manipulation to get her to hand them over to him so he could train them to become villains. She tilted her head studying him. How could she stop him? Attacking him wouldn't work, it would only serve his purpose, and he'd probably deliver some sneaky attack that would weaken her. Then she'd be less able to defend her kits, and thus forced to comply to his terms. Reasoning obviously wouldn't work. Not with a cat like Twilight. He didn't understand reason, and logic. He only understood his own wants and needs. In his twisted world, everything existed to serve or be used by him. To his mind, everything and everyone orbited around his sphere of influence. If she tried reasoning with him most likely he'd try to twist her logic to her advantage...

    Wait! That's it! She grinned.

    Twilight winced. ''Eeesh, I really don't like that look.'' he commented.

    Eagle lifted her head.

    ''I am not responsible for what my face does when I talk to delusional fools.'' She growled slowly, pointedly. ''Besides, I really hate every word that comes out of your mouth so we're even.''

    She squared her shoulders.

    ''Alright, I have a better deal.'' She fixed him with a stare. ''You don't want them dead do you? You really just want them out of your way, and to you, killing them is the only effective means of getting them out of your way.''

    She lifted her head her tail lashing. It killed her to talk about her kits that way, but she had to put on a brave face.

    ''Well, hate to bust the bubble of your narrow-mindedness, especially since it seems sooo comfortable for you, but killing them is not the only way to keep them out of your sight and mind. If you let them live, I'll keep them out of your sight, and make sure you don't have to see a hair on his pelt.''

    Twilight gave her a long look. Then suddenly a slow grin spread across his face. Unease shivered down Eagle's spine. Everything about that smile oozed smugness, and hidden knowledge.

    ''Geez, and I thought I was evil.'' he muttered shaking his head in amusement. In one smooth movement he swept his tail around himself releasing the kits. ''You win, oh clever one.'' He meowed, and gave a mock bow. ''I'll spare your kits lives, and I admit,'' here he twitched his whiskers with amusement ''You are right.''

    Eagle arched her back, and unsheathed her claws. That did not sound like the Twilight she knew at all. A another feeling of unease shivered down her spine. ]i]I'm missing something here aren't I?[/i]

    ''What are you planning now you evil, big-headed fool?'' She spat.

    Twilight waved his tail airly.

    ''Nothing.'' he swept his paw in a dismissive gesture. ''I have no need for a plan. I can see that you are going to do all the work for me.''

    She held her ground.

    ''You know something don't you?'' she snarled. ''Well, out with it-what do you know that I don't.''

    ''You really have no idea?'' He asked, immensely amused. He drew a paw across his face. ''I couldn't possibly tell you.''

    And he turned, and stalked away pointedly. Eagle growled to herself, and raced after him.

    ''Come back here, you, good-for-nothing, ignorant pessimist and answer my question!'' She called, but he ignored her.

    ''What's a pess-ah-misst?'' a small voice asked and, with a sigh, Eagle turned to her daughter Horizon. That tiny, golden tortoiseshell she-kit was staring into the distance her eyes wide.

    ''A short-sighed imbecile who thinks he knows the future better then an optimist.'' She said calmly. ''Nothing to worry about.''

    Horizon turned back toward Eagle, and she had to keep from jumping back. For just a brief moment Horizon had looked wiser then her years...

    ''I'm no pessimist, but...I see a battle between the darkness and the light raging in the horizon. And the light is falling and I can see...'' her voice got low and shivery. ''It breaks into night.''

    Suddenly Horizon collapsed shivering, and meowed. Eagle instantly coiled around her daughter.

    ''Shhh...'' she whispered. ''You'll be alright'' she pulled Horizon close. ''I've got you. I'll make sure the darkness never...'' she paused. Fear shivered down her spine.

    Had Horizon just prophesied her own downfall?

    Is this the worst decision I ever made?

  • Soooo I heard the most amazing joke today and I just had to share it ahhhhhhhhhh
    Why should you never ask Rick Astly if you can borrow his complete collection of Pixar movies?
    Spoiler! :
    Because he's never gonna give you 'Up'

    GengarIsBestBoy However, because he’s never gonna give you ‘Up,’ he’s gonna let you down
    Apr 6, 2023

    TheMythMaster i literally just heard this joke a few days ago XD
    Apr 6, 2023

Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves.
— Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights