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Writing for love is a pas

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Love mi music. Love mi friends. Hate the haters. Live while you can. Die if you can't. Breathe in the love. Stop to smush the flowers. Live like a porn star. Take all risks. You only have one life unless you're Jesus. Be a nutral territory. Be a bitch. Be a lover. Be youself. Be who you wanna be. Don't let the preps control your life. Like me or hate me, you don't get a third option. ~*Metal will take over the world*~ LIVE LIFE NAKED!!!!


skating, surfing, writing, emo boys, cooking, friends, poerty, singing in the shower, rubber ducks, HEAVY METAL, being me, parties, and kissing.

The chains of habits are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.
— Warren Buffet