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My condensed bio


I go by many names but the alias I have chosen to use here is Wren.

I am 16 years old, give and take a few millennia.

✨Songs that describe me✨ (or I just love)
~Kings & Queens by Ava Max~
~Queen by Loren Gray~
~Born Without A Heart by Faouzia~
~A Little Wicked by Valerie Broussard~

If you get me talking about my characters... I'll never stop. I'm doing it right now. Good luck with that.

I am a proud Christian and Jesusfreak!

Stay safe and don't let the murder spiders get to you!


*Writing *Reading *Destroying those who would dare bully *Not writing just world building *Drawing *Comics


Dragon Tamer/ Professional Siren

you know how those like hummingbird things have those fast wingy thingies? And like the heartbeats. The heartbeats are so fast. So like, do humminbribs like sense time fast too? like berry alen or smh? I BET THEY DO! BIRBFLASHHHHHHHH!
— Dr. Mr. Elfboy