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How my dreams came to be Waltzing ;)

Oh, look at that....a specimen wanting to know about me. I shall stay neutral. :}

Exterior things about me (besides that I am an undivided dedicated writer), is that I'm a lover of the performing arts. I'm planning to take writing and humanities for college to widen these horizons :) I'm a good friend (so they say) and passionate leader in... I'm a leader!

I also have a knack for Musicals. (Just not HSM, PLEASE! That is one example of a cliche' production.) I can memorize as many songs there is in one ;). Fond of the classic musicals like Phantom and Les Miserables, the new ones too like Once.

Dark side to this, I like morbidity for some reason; maybe a sort of expression of justice or a dying need for something, I really don't know...

Cliche 'about me' things: I play softball and volleyball; I like jazzy music, Josh Groban, some Thrice now and then..; Movie choices: Johnny Depp, Tim Burton Films...; Do I draw? yes. But I can only do Blacks and whites, Shading and still life.(I am bad with colors)

Me on Writing...

I write mostly novels, though I cannot dedicate myself to only one work. I also write fan fiction (even though I don't fan fics). I guess if I were to review a fan fic, I need to be of that fandom first. I write Plays too, I concentrate more on Realism in my other plays. I write many fairytale adaptations as well :).

I have experience with all types of journalistic writings. If you have any articles or essays to edit, I'm the gal! I can say that I am also good at structure checking, identifying plot holes, improving character development and scene descriptions.

I absolutely think that every writer must have that flare of insanity within them. I can say that I have that insanity... I am everyone and no one at the same time. *threatening* I can be anything you want me to be...

On some personal philosophy of mine, I believe everything in this world is connected through their... everything as well--physical structure, origin, purpose. I call what I do "Verbal Animation." I love hinting these animations in my works, kinda like the way I want to tell the world of the obviousness that they're missing :)


Reading Books, Ballroom Dancing, All genres of stories, Theater, Music, Writing (of course), classical music, black and white sketching

When all think alike, no one is thinking very much.
— Walter Lippmann