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Gemstone Claws And Mighty Roars Eco Beyond The Walls!

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About Vulcanite

I'm Vulcanite for short you can call me Doss or Vulc, I have been a member sins Jun 9 2016,

I have many poems and story's not all of them have been posted on to YWS yet,

Also Dossereana2 is my second account, it is just so I can talk to my self and post my really bad works. I felt board so I just used another account to have someone else like me to talk to.

If you have none me for some time but have not seen me for some time then hear are my YWS names

1: MoonFlower
2: EagleFly
3: Dossereana
4: Vulcanite


Writing, Reading, Nature.



Only the suppressed word is dangerous.
— Ludwig Borne