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  • Thanks for the follow, Sean! ;)

    TriO You are very welcome! ;)
    Jan 6, 2011

  • LastPaladin
    Jan 5, 2011

    Look at you Mr Popular. Took you darn sweet time, 3 years it took, 3 freaking years. I finally got ya on though and you're loving it ;p. Jammy so and so.

  • liquiddeath
    Jan 5, 2011

    Aww thought your name was 'Elder mini me' now that would've been awesome.

  • ErBear
    Jan 3, 2011


    My name is Taylor and I'm here to welcome yah. :)

    If you need any help AT ALL about YWS or really anything, or if you just want to chat, feel free to PM me or write on my wall. (Done by clicking on my name, "Ilovebubbles123", and either writing in the box that appears in the middle of my page or clicking the "Send private message" link in blue under my picture)

    You don't HAVE to post stories and work here, but that's really what the site's for and everyone here loves everyone else's work, so why not? To post work, click on the 'submit' button and follow the directions.

    If I'm not online or for any other reason, make sure to go to the YWS chat... which is basically chatting live with YWS'ers around the world. To get there, go to the YWS homepage and scroll down until you see the "Enter YWS chat room" button and click on that). One...warning... YWS'ers are very enthusiastic about new members. When you go into chat and say you're new, you will either be greeted by a dead chat (happens occasionally) or a billion people pouncing over each other to meet you.

    (Another note- YWS'ers are extriemely sarcastic and we often talk about hurting each other in good fun. Just roll with it XD)

    If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me or ANYONE:) and write on the wall! See you around!

    Taylor :pirate3:

I’d heard he had started a fistfight in one of the seedier local taverns because someone had insisted on saying the word “utilize” instead of “use".
— Patrick Rothfuss, A Wise Man's Fear