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Wayfarer's Journal

Greetings, stranger.
Many have asked me who I am, and I have given the following answer to all. I cannot tell you who I truly am, but what I can say is that I am part of an ancient order of wizards and witches. We took a oath to protect those in peril and serve where we are needed.
I have since then traversed the realms of magic and mystery, guiding helpless souls to their destinies, and saving those in peril.
I have fought dragons and trolls, cleansed cities and wildlands, stopped wars (and started a few as well), and most importantly, I have searched the worlds for knowledge and wisdom.
I once was a wanderer, never truly belonging where I was. Then, I learned the magical art of Time, and how to manipulate it to do one's bidding. For a time, I studied about the knowledge of master Illusions. And now, I have settled as a Sorcerer.
If you are ever in need of one to listen to or to counsel you, or to aid you in the perilous waters of the Storybook realm, I shall always be ready to help (if it is within my power to do so...)


My interests are casting magic, alchemy, music(classical), books, assassin's creed, trees and polar bears


Keeping time, Conjuring Clocks and other around-the-clock duties

"But like, if you're an ex-vampire, ex-nazi with literally centuries worth of PTSD, it helps to play a lot of instruments to balance it out."
— SirenCymbaline the Kiwi