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About TeyaKnife

I am a Catholic teenage girl, who loves playing and watching football (soccer). I play for Albion SC, and hope to get into UCLA for college. Should football not work out, I hope to go into law, as I enjoy arguing, fairness, and justice. I firmly believe in God, and go to mass every Sunday. I believe that abortion is one of the worst things a women can do. I am also a know-it-all, and I correct everyone on even the tiniest of mistakes. I'm very shy at first, but once I trust you, I'm very outgoing, chatty, and goofy. I prefer to be in charge, or a leader.
And that's pretty much me!


Football (soccer), Premier League, NFL, Justice, Among Us, Friends, Being Right, Correctness, Liverpool, Family, God.


Student, Athlete.

When all think alike, no one is thinking very much.
— Walter Lippmann