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  • psa for minnesota residents: Effective today there is a mandatory paid sick leave policy for EVERYONE who works 80+ a YEAR. Per year. In the state of minnesota. There's a link below, but basically, for every 30 hours you work your employer is required to provide you with 1 hour of paid sick leave, up to a minimum of 48 hours per year.

    Temporary and part-time employees are eligible.

    There are three different ways they can do it, so make sure you figure out which one your employer is using.

    -they can do simple accrual, every 30hrs you get 1hr of paid sick leave, calculated every pay period

    -they can frontload 48hrs at the start of the year + the hours you earn over the year, with a payout at the end of the year for unused hours

    - they can frontload 80hrs of paid paid sick leave with NO payout at the end of the year.

    (frontlaoding basically means you start the year with that many hours already ready to go)

    Hours DO carry over into the next year unless they use one of the second two options.

    These hours CAN be capped at 48 hours per year depending on what your employer decides to do.

    Know your rights besties, print out your local labor laws and get to know them at least at a cursory glance.

    Also it's federally illegal in all of the USA to have a 'policy' of not allowing employees to discuss their wages with each other. If your boss threatens disciplinary action over that, or even if it's in the handbook, that's a crime. That one gets violated a lot and I myself had to remind my boss of that fun little factoid last year.

    I'm off to compose some emails, don't let people do crimes to you.

    The law itself - http://dli.mn.gov/sick-leave

    The FAQs with a lot more information - http://dli.mn.gov/business/employment-p ... -time-esst


  • Omni Welcome back :D
    Jun 22, 2023

    Corvid welcome back!
    Jun 22, 2023

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  • I thought about doing some cosmic horror but I don't think I could outdo the LEGO Movie and what's the point if an ad is better than me

  • sometimes sharing a moment ruins it for me, and the more i learn about other people the more i think this might not be universal

  • i want to order a pizza but i probably can't eat the whole thing and i don't like anyone in the house enough to share

  • using chat gbt to make me literal worksheets to help get my creative flow going again has got to be a new low for me i think

    lemme know if you guys wanna see my self assigned homework. im low-key trying to get it to make me something ridiculous

    please dont try to discuss ai ethics with me though i think we'll both get a headache. i have strong opinions without enough information to support those opinions so it's just kinda irresponsible for me to talk about any of it

  • every time you see an ad for a product you hate just remember that you just cost the company money they won't get back from you

    haha amazon, you just paid lots of money to advertise audible to me, but my corpse will be long cold before i willingly put more money in the hands of that rat bastard beastro or whatever that chucklefucks name is

  • if you forget to brush your teeth a lot get lip piercings

    i dont want to elaborate

  • Like 80% of having fashion sense is being able to identify good foundation pieces i'm pretty sure

  • The weirdest side effect of T i haven't heard discussed at all is that your neck gets thicker for some reason

    I only noticed because i wear a lot of tight neckwear and i've had to loosen them up, and every year i have to measure my neck so i can put the right sizing on my christmas/birthday wishlists (winter b-day) if I'm asking for chokers or whatever. I don't think it's, like, something anyone would actively notice.

    You also have the munchies all the time but everyone already knew that i think

  • Spoiler! :
    what if a whole bunch of us teamed up and picked out a random yws-er and just reviewed every public work on their profile

    i think it'd be kinda funny

    SirenCymbaline that's the most wholesome prank I have ever heard of
    Dec 3, 2022

  • if you have a character named Joan please do not name another character in the same work Jonah

    Similar-name-syndrome is the #3 reason i keep having to quit reading stuff rn and honestly it's just

    why guys


  • Spoiler! :
    im getting to the point where I'm starting to 'pass' or whatever and Jesus fuck people are so insanely sexist wtf. I only pass about half the time, and when people think I'm a girl they're so condescending. It's like they think I'm literally the stupidest possible person. When they think I'm a guy they give me this assumption of reasonable effort that I've never gotten before. Like, they think I'm of average intelligence and that I probably put a reasonable amount of thought and effort into their request, so my 'no' never gets any pushback from the people who call me sir.

    I work customer service in case that wasn't clear. It's not night and day difference but it's enough for my oblivious ass to notice.

    Omni <3

    Spoiler! :
    Customer service really brings out the worst in people. I'm sorry

    Nov 27, 2022

  • there needs to be more cello music

    i shouldve played cello

    oh well, i cant do music anyway

  • Teddybear it worked look at that
    Nov 24, 2022

"I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school... I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy..."
— Unnamed Girl from "Mean Girls"