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  • im not taking criticism at this time thanks

    Spoiler! :
    im just saying that as far as gender being a social construct and all, 'boy' and 'man' are different genders with related but different attributes, generally speaking, same goes with 'girl' and 'woman', though it's a lot more common for people who identify as girls to not drop that label as they also take on the label of 'woman'.

    my speculations about the whys or whatever dont matter im just saying just about every person ever has changed at one point or another how they relate to and identify with their gender and its literally no biggie

    which is also one of the many reasons i do not care if trans people have different ways of refering to themselves pre transition. Maybe they did grow from a girl into a man, maybe that it their expiereince, maybe its not, if you're close enough to them to be discussing their childhoob you better know, and if you're not zip your lips and run along.

    people also change their names and their identities around that too. there's marriage and divorce as the obvious ones, but also, like, people have preferred nicknames and they pick up nicknames over their lifetimes and no one cares about that

    and neopronouns? people use those all the time too; 'bro' comes to mind. "i saw bro at nicky's house last night" is a sentence i heard at some point, and similar ones get said all the time.

    none of this is hard or scary people are just transphobic and making excuses. everyone is trans and gender is just one system we use to describe identity among many.

    im sure no one took too much issue when yalls started identifying as writers, so the issues they have are theirs and not on you

  • i has decided that you are the neat and so now i follow you 👍

    Teddybear <3
    Oct 27, 2022

  • some people go through life without experiencing thoughts i think

    Euphory I don't trust those people and they don't trust me
    Oct 24, 2022

  • U r kewl

    Teddybear tank u
    Oct 23, 2022

  • if one (1) person uses my real name for me tomorrow ill write a whole chapter of a randomly selected WIP

  • sometimes i think im in a good place, then i remember that at least once a week i end up crying on the floor of the shower eating a gas station egg sandwich.

    the shower is on, obviously

  • i wish i could wear avant garde instead of what i do wear, which is itself somewhat unusual - not too out there, but enough to get the occasional comment or compliment - but i can't. It's not practical, I don't really want to be a spectical, i just want to feel, like, normal in my clothes.

    If i explain any further i'm gonna lose any coherence but if you get it you get it.

  • i just sit around and have opinions sometimes

  • see last two posts for context.

    More prompts. Eat me. Still in a block of ten for the same reason as last time, but I wouldn't set it up like that if I was actually to arrange any of this.

    Spoiler! :
    1) A happy ending
    2) Lost at sea
    3) Comfort
    4) Something sacred gets destroyed
    5) A celebration
    6) A genre you don't usually write in
    7) Old friends
    8 ) Joy
    9) A difficult task with a clever solution
    10) The heroes lose

    So, like, if I were to host this Thing i'd probably set it up as a thing split into four weeks of prompts. Each week would be kinda its own thing, probably with a different theme each week. So, the style of prompt I've been using but not necessarily the same ones or the same order or anything. The final two prompts would probably refer back to something that happened during one of the weeks or something idk, they'd be kinda specialized to whatever vibe got going. I'd want everyone to do their own kinda thing with it, get as creative as they like.

    Not everyone can write a novel in a month but i still feel like there should be somehting to participate in off to the side that's a lil more casual or whatever idk

    this is probably already a thing my brain is just braining brainily

    10) The heroes lose

    love this one !!

    Oct 22, 2022

  • If you want context, suffer.
    check my last post im not saying stuff again

    Spoiler! :

    1) Vibrancy
    2) The one event that changed them forever
    3) Immortality
    4) Magic is...
    5) Magic isn't...
    6) Fire
    7) Reaper
    8) Monsters
    9) A dead man's tale
    10) Royalty

    10 for roundness, but if I actually did this I'd split it up into four blocks of seven and a bonus round of 2 for reasons, probably to be rambled about in the next post

    Spearmint ahhh i would be interested in this prompt challenge!! wasn't really feeling NaNo for my current novel because 1000 words a week is all i can do currently. but having prompts that can be answered in various, low-pressure ways seems perfect for still getting some writing done every day! ^-^
    (also i love how the number 8 for monsters turned into a face, lol)
    Spoiler! :
    you can do
    Code: Select all

    to stop the auto-emojis! any piece of code, like bold, can work :]

    Oct 22, 2022

  • maybe for those of us who can't quite manage a novel for nanowrimo, we could have a little prompt challenge thing, kinda like inktober?

    Like, any form of writing will do, you can take the prompts out of order if you want, or pick and choose a few you want to do, but there'll be a prompt for each day. You could mix it up, too. Like, on a more motivated day write a short story or incorporate the prompt into a new chapter to the novel you've been working on all year, but on a less motivated day just do a little haiku or something. You could make character profiles for new rp characters themed around the prompts, incorporate them into rp posts, whatever works.

    Idk, probably already a thing somewhere but could be fun. Maybe there could be a club or something dedicated to submitting responses to the prompts too?

    Like, a club with a discussion section thingy for each prompt so everyone can kinda easily see what everyone else is doing.

    Or, just, like a tag idk.

    I'm feelin rambly and really wish I was motivated to write something substantial:(

    next few posts may or may not be ideas for what those prompts could be/look like/whatever idk

    Carlito I think this is a great idea!
    Oct 20, 2022

    Mageheart that's such a cool idea !! i'm probably doing #NaNo anyways because i'm impulsive, but that would be awesome if i wasn't down for writing a novel
    Oct 20, 2022

  • Spoiler! :
    that horrible urge to pretend to be better just so your doctors, your therapist, your loved ones, everyone will just be a little bit proud and never have to look at you with that horrible defeated look, like they put in all that effort for nothing. It feels like I'm constantly trying to appease the people around me, like I can't break because then they have to deal with a broken person. My pain is forever someone else's burden, and the only way anyone is going to be at all proud of me for trying is if I succeed.

    At the same time, I sit here and contemplate who I am if I'm not sick and hurting, and I can't come up with an answer. The worst of my issues started so young there is no memory before it, and very little memory of it. I never was anyone without it, and since then all I ever seem to do is pick up more problems, more issues to make me an inconvenience, yet, if someone were to offer me up some pill, surgery, magic spell, whatever to remove all the shitty, horrible, painful parts of me, I don't know if I would take it. I don't know who that person is. I do know that I feel the worst about myself when I act without listening to the anxiety, without avoiding the triggers, without following the scripts, all that stuff that shields me from being that obnoxious, annoying, insufferable fucking piece of shit who comes out as soon as I lower that guard.

    So I'm paralyzed. I have to get better, always be getting better, to make them feel like they've accomplished something, to make them proud of me. But I can't be better. I have to have a new issue, a new problem, something has to get bad again, because I can't function without it. If the world isn't ending I can't get up in the morning, if I'm not hurting I can't see the reason to live anymore. I don't have a life and I never did. My earliest childhood friendships were just the same, my home life was the same, school was the same. I solved my problems, got new problems to solve, let the grown-ups figure me out like a little puzzle and gave them progressively better reports like little gold stars even as I spiraled.

    It's hard to tell if I've ever gotten better or if I've just gotten better at hiding the issues that aren't in fashion anymore. Maybe the violent anger that first sent me to therapy is tucked away at the back of my mind like a forgotten favorite coat while I don this year's latest sensory-unfriendly furs.

    I don't know the point here. None of you snitch to my therapist. He thinks I'm getting better.

  • Please don't get dogs to 'motivate you to exercize'

    It's not going to work and that animal is going to suffer for it. Get a set of dumbbells and a yoga mat to frown at instead. It's cheaper and isn't going to end with a dog in the pound who otherwise might have found a home that was actually suitable.

    Yes this is about someone specific. Some people deserve to be disowned stg

Maybe we're all just complex human beings with skewed perceptions of each other.
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