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Face the fear that keeps you frozen ~ Chase the sky into the ocean

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Tis me, the Beany Friend!

Hey! I see you've found my About page. And I bet you didn't think anything about that opening statement, but ya know, I'll never actually know you were here, so that was a lie. I have established myself from the outset as a liar. Also probably a bit odd, but, perhaps I am. Allow me to present myself in a more normal fashion with a few fun facts.

- I'm a poet! I love writing poetry even more than fiction.
- But I also enjoy writing short stories. Haven't actually finished a novel or novella yet, but I have one of the latter in progress.
- I am very much an editor. I love self-editing and helping others edit their works!
- tea
- I have a strong, very random and mostly useless interest in all things old nautical.
- Ich sprecke ein bischen Dutch!
- teeeaaaaaaa
- I'd take a cool, gray, windy day near the water over a warm, sunny one.
- I can and will psychoanalyze you if the whim strikes me.


Poetry ~ Editing ~ Lake and ocean life ~ Gardening ~ Social, intrapersonal, trauma psychology ~ Personality theory ~ Drawing, acrylic paints ~ Classical piano, classical guitar ~ All things language/linguistics

I was never insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.
— Edgar Allan Poe