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J.R. Spotswood: The Man, the Mystery (Abandon Hope all ye who enter here)

Salutations visitors to mine profile. I am J.R. Spotswood. Although it is merely my pen name, it is what I am going on on this website. I'm a bit on the eccentric side, but that's okay because it is who I am. I'm on the nerdier side, but I am convinced that all great writers had eccentric personalities.

I am OBSESSED with the Revolutionary War period and Pirates. I've always loved pirates. I am a friendly person, but I dislike willful ignorance. Such is incurable in today's society. I'm also a huge Grammar Nazi. Hail Grammar! You'd expect such from a writer. That's one of my hobbies, see; writing. It's fun too. And I'm quite good at it. I really am. I apologize for the arrogance of my work. I can be grandiose sometimes, but it's just an act half of the time. I am really down to earth and humble at times. I am also easy to talk to. I talk a lot though. Aside from writing, I am an actor. I love Shakespeare and other acting stuff. If you like plays and theatre, just talk to me and we'll get along great! Just don't ask me to sing. I love to sing, but I suck at it. I love doing accents and impressions. Just name a person or voice and I'll try to mimic it.

I'm also a bookworm. I enjoy classics like The Great Gatsby and the Catcher in the Rye. They are two of my favorites, Old Sport, eh? I listen to audiobooks too. I love the outdoors as well. I am a very passionate and romantic person. My great literary role models are Ernest Hemingway (minus the suicide aspect), J.D. Salinger, Tolkien, and Niccolo Machievelli (although I do like Hobbes as well) other great writers.

I love life while still not fearing death. I am also a lover of music. I love Classical Music and Classic Rock the most. No matter what anybody else says, Pink Floyd is the greatest band in the history of the universe. So why don't you give them a chance. Sit back and listen to them sometime, then you will be seduced by its power and you will be sure to come over to the Dark Side (of the moon).

Cheers, Mates


Writing, Horseback Riding, Acting, Reading, cynicism, swimming, running, movies, pirates, Being a Classy Nerd


Writer, actor, commedian, cynic

Don't turn them loose, Jack.
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