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  • oooooo this novel looks interesting! noble intrigue + magic? :eyes:
    khushi17bansal wrote:Chapter 5 of Mage is up!!😁 (Feel free to leave a comment/review/suggestion!)

    I realise I probably should give some information about what Mage is actually about so, here, is its introduction.

    Spoiler! :
    Ancient India is a magical place, rich, opulent and brutal. The high class of people, the nobles, are rich, powerful, power hungry, cutthroat, for nobody survives by being content or satisfied. They vey for power and plot to overthrow each other and the king. They plan and scheme to earn money, closely guard their secrets. They are selfish, unscrupulous and ethicless. They will do anything to get their bloodline and house to the top. A select few have a secret weapon, a wild card. Some say an equalizer and some say a monopoly giver.

    Some are magical, some are mages practiced in the ancient art of sorcery. It is one’s greatest weapon, one closely held, fanatically guarded, obsessively practised and honed.

    All are out for blood and all are out for power. All are waiting to wrest the throne and the power from each other’s desperate hands.

    There has been no war for years and the royals and nobles are getting restless, the game has begun, the move has been made. The rule book is but one word, win.

    There are only five monopolistic high houses, they manipulate each other and lower houses to gain favour, popularity, money and most importantly, power.

    It is power that is coveted, it is knowledge that is hoarded, it is weapons that are honed and it is people that must be beaten.

    At the end of my novel, blood soaked history will be made and the Kingdom will have a new ruler.

    You can find Chapter 5 here and Chapter 1 here.

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    khushi17bansal I'm glad you liked it!
    18 hours ago

    Spearmint yeahh i hope i find time to review it this weekend! ^^
    17 hours ago

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  • soooooo apologies to everyone trying to use the word counter with one-page RPs XP i missed the fact that one-page roleplays don't display the page numbers at the top right, so the word counts would've been showing up as blank ^^' should be fixed now tho!

    soundofmind u r amazing
    May 27, 2024

    Spearmint XP thank you <3 but also no u. like, 6k already??? o.O
    May 27, 2024

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  • WeepingWisteria wrote:

    LSS III Badge Thread is Now Open

    There's much treasure to be found during the LSS competition, so head over to see the available badges and how to claim them. Even if you haven't registered as a sailor, there are badges you can get. Click the image below to check it out!


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  • Omni wrote:

    LSS Sets sail!

    And what better way to celebrate that than a pad party? Join me! I'll be writing in here ^^

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  • Woot woot!! :D
    KateHardy wrote:Hey everyone! Happy LSS :D We're excited!! Are you?

    We wanted to give out some LSS tips because we have a lot of new participants this year and even to those who might be familiar with RP's, LSS is a bit different than traditional roleplaying. With LSS, writing week to week, everyone is going to be writing at around the same time for the same story. Communication and collaboration are key! Collaboration is writing together, or plotting/outlining together, and communication is one step separated: making sure everyone is on the same page.

    So, what do we recommend?

    -Before writing, it's good to get an idea of what everyone will be writing for the week, or even couple of weeks. If everyone is on the same page before the writing starts, it's much easier to /stay/ on the same page when the writing starts.

    -When writing, it's good to keep open opportunities for other characters to jump in, especially at the end of your scene. If the end of your scene can be the beginning of someone else's next week, that'll help keep the flow.

    -After you're finished writing for the week, it's good to check in with the rest of your crew before posting. If someone is writing at the exact same time as you, you may be writing the same scene without even knowing it! (It happens more than you'd think.)

    -It helps to write in a shared document, like a WFP, so writing in progress can be shared and, even before the writing is posted, everyone is on the same page.

    -Collaboration is encouraged in LSS!! Even though this competition can technically be done without any collaboration, the process goes much easier. Collaboration can be intimidating at first, which is totally understandable! But, when writing towards a common goal, collaboration will eventually be like just chatting with friends!

    -Your goal each week will be 2500, and depending on your crew size 833/625/500 words per crewmate. (3 -> 833, 4 -> 625, 5 -> 500)

    -If you get in the groove with writing one week, it can be easy to write more than that words. That's totally okay! 2500 is a goal, not something you need to stop at. That being said...

    -It's good to pace yourself! If you're feeling inspiration after meeting the 500 wordcount goal, maybe instead of writing, you can outline/plot what you're going to write for next week. That way, you can give yourself a head start on the next week (not writing! any writing for the week goes for that week).

    -If you're struggling with your words, please let your crewmates know! This competition is all about working /together/, so if others need to pitch in to help the whole ship reach the goal, that is completely okay. You technically only need to write 1 word in a week, as long as the crew reaches the goal. The ship survives together!

    -If you're lacking inspiration, please reach out! Sometimes, in roleplays, you'll find inspiration from others. Whether it be bouncing ideas and plot bunnies off each other, delving deep into the worldbuilding, or practicing random scenes with each other's characters, inspiration can come from a lot of places! And sometimes, we all need inspiration!!

    It all boils down to communication there. Make sure everyone in the crew knows how everyone is feeling at all times. Weathering the storm is much easier when you all know where you stand that week.

    -And finally, the hardest tip we could give: it is okay to let an idea die. This is a roleplay and a competition, so the urge to want to continue is strong! It's a shared idea, a shared story, a shared world, and a shared goal. But, your health is more important. If continuing the ship may cause burnout, then it's no longer worth it. There will be an end; we just may not know when that'll happen.

    Good luck! We're so excited to watch six wonderful ships (seven with our lovely pirate ship) set sail today! Happy sailing everyone <33


    A little set of tips brought to you by the amazing Omni

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  • EDIT: My bad, credit for the original infographic goes to the fabulous KateHardy! Thank you <3
    Spearmint wrote:LSS IS HERE!! LSS IS HERE!! :D

    a quick li'l infographic (based on Omni's amazing previous LSS infographics) ->


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    a quick li'l infographic (based on Omni's amazing previous LSS infographics) ->


  • <.<
    Snoink wrote:I'm not saying you should gift-spam EllieMae.

    EllieMae wrote:I have made it my goal to get every single available gift on YWS! I also realized that it is possible to send gifts to yourself xD Thanks to the amazing Spearmint, I have a list of every gift... 12 down, 185 more to go XDDD should be just under 10k points to buy them all!

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    EllieMae XD Thanks Mint <333
    May 26, 2024

    Spearmint <333
    May 26, 2024

  • Reposting this so all you lovely LSSers know that you don't have to count words by hand! =P
    If you happen to have a random forum thread you wanted to count words for, you can also use this >.>

    Spearmint wrote:To make word counting easier, I've adapted some code from the wonderful Carina to create this: https://spearmint.shinyapps.io/LSS-Word-Counter/

    How To Use The LSS Word Counter
    1. Enter a link to the roleplay (navigate to the roleplay on YWS, click on the address bar and copy the url, then paste it in the word counter's "Enter a link to the rp:" box)
    2. Enter the start and end dates of the week, inclusive (so it'll be Monday to Sunday)
    3. Select your captain's time zone or, if you don't see it, enter the time zone's difference from GMT
    4. Look at "Word count this week" and post that number in this thread, the ship log!

    - If anything breaks or if you have questions or suggestions, please PM Spearmint
    - Currently, it looks rather messy on mobile. This will be fixed in the coming week
    - Accounting for ghosts is a feature that will also be added this week
    - More features such as stats, graphs, and fun things like most commonly used words will be added later

    Happy writing, everyone!! ^-^

  • ;D
    Ley wrote:Image

    Watch out LSS Participants, The Mint-Tea Potato Swordspear is ready for sailing! :3

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  • EllieMae wrote:Image

    Once Upon A Time is also looking for one more crew mate to set sail!! If you are interested in fairytales, magical items, mythical creatures, and quests to save the whole world, this is definitely for YOU!! :D

    Come join us, come join us!!!! #LSS

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  • this looks super cool! i'd join if i wasn't on a ship already xD
    ScarlettFire wrote:Image

    Just need one more person! #lss #storybooking #comejoinme

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  • soooooo i dug out an old pad from october 2021 that i apparently made but never shared >.>


    join me as i do linguistic anthropology hw? :3

  • LSS starts on Monday !!
    WeepingWisteria wrote:

    Three Days Until LSS!

    Have you completed the checklist?
    1. Have you signed up at the Tavern to show interest?
    2. Gathered your crewmates and decided a captain?
    3. Created your ship OOC thread and Storybook Thread?
    4. Have you registered your ship in the Port?
    If you haven't, no time like the present! Catch the waves before they're gone ^^
    Omni wrote:

    Last Ship Sailing Round III sets sail soon!

    But there's still time!

    Interested in some friendly competition, and writing with a team to create a wonderful world, full of wonderful characters and plot? Sign up for Last Ship Sailing now!! Still have more than a week before the competition officially starts!

    Feeling a bit curious but not yet wanting to enter? Or maybe you're intimidated about finding more people to create a crew? Poke one of the lovely roleplay mods and they will steer you in the right direction!

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