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  • hello yes 3c or my pad

    Spearmint :3 c:
    13 hours ago

  • this looks awesome!! :D
    AJW wrote:Hello everyone! I have officially posted a new roleplay called Faded Reflections, please take a look if you're interested. This is for beginner -> advanced roleplayers. Firstly because I have been roleplaying for A LONG TIME but I am no where as detailed as some of the other people on here are. Also because this can be something to help a lot of people in one place practice their writing skills and learn from it.

    If you want to join for that reason, or are bored, or just wanna join for fun then feel free!

    Please read the introduction to the story and then post your character info in Faded Reflections OOC!

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  • come to my pad

  • Let
    avianwings47 wrote:Gonna
    APoltergeist wrote:Never
    Leya wrote:Up


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  • 3ccc?

    Spearmint i will join for as long as i can bear the struggle on mobile xD
    Feb 18, 2024

  • leGASP

    it has come to my attention that you do debate (mock trial, right?)

    i myself do cx policy debate >:D

    Spearmint oooh neat!! i think mock trial is different from debate— i’m an expert witness, so basically it’s kind of like acting; i act like i’m the smartest person in the room and give my expert opinion on the case. xD what’s cx policy debate?
    Feb 18, 2024

    yosh ohh,,, i thought mock trial was smth like debate,,

    pretty much cx means cross-examination and policy debate is where theres two teams, one makes a plan and defends it, while the other attacks it.

    Feb 19, 2024

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  • AilahEvelynMae
    Feb 17, 2024

    I would like you to know that my social media feed is now filled with mock trial content XD hope your flight was good!!!

    Spearmint yesss the mock trial is spreading XD
    the first one was! currently on a layover =P

    Feb 17, 2024

  • looseleaf wrote:

    Do you want to learn how to write a good review? Do you want to touch up on your reviewing skills? Well, have you come to the right place! All YWSers--old and new--are welcome to the Reviewing 101 Workshop on , hosted by @looseleaf and @AilahEvelynMae!

    We'll have fun activities that teach how to write quality reviews, what to focus on while you're reviewing, proper review etiquette, and more! So please join us on the 25th! We'll post the link when it's time.

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  • gonna be traveling for a week! so if i’m not as active, that’s why, not cuz i got kidnapped by angry vegetables or something xD

    AmayaStatham Have fun! XD And safe travels
    Feb 17, 2024

    Liminality Safe travels!!
    Feb 17, 2024

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  • free sea??

  • AilahEvelynMae
    Feb 17, 2024

    Are you leaving for your trip today?!?! :DDDD

    Spearmint yes!! :D
    Feb 17, 2024

    AilahEvelynMae Yay!!!!! I am so excited for you!! I hope you have safe travels!!

    Hello this is duo bird, I have stolen Ellie’s phone to tell you: Spanish or vanish. Let’s see how well our years together have paid off… I believe in you <33

    Feb 17, 2024

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  • 3c

  • #alphabetanswers

    Are you a morning or night person? see, in theory i would like to be a morning person, but my mean bedtime has been around midnight lately >.>
    Biggest Pet Peeve: this is super random and nitpicky, but it's annoying when the default is the curved apostrophe (cough cough google docs and yws on mobile). i prefer the non-curved one bc it doesn't mess up code >:[
    Collections? yes! i collect stickers, little notebooks, bread clips, small containers, and pens.
    Dream job: software engineer or penetration tester and fantasy/sci-fi writer on the side
    (your go-to) Emoji Emoticon: =D (it's a happy face and a sideways mushroom!)
    Favorite YWS Work: ahh so hard to choose but this one by @starlitmind is delightfully creative :>
    Greatest achievement: completing a draft of my novel :]
    Hardest part of the writing process: plotting and/or dealing with the consequences of not plotting >.>
    If you won the lottery, what would you do? use $20 to buy a nice notebook or smth, give half to my parents to remodel our house/buy a new house, and use the rest to pay for my college education XP
    Joke: what is a writer's least-favorite dessert? dough-plot holes. (like doughnut holes >.> get it? =P)
    Know a fun fact? the word "fact" has four letters. *bows* you're welcome. jk - real fun fact: the Earth flips its magnetic field every so often (meaning the magnetic north and south poles switch about every 200,000 years)!
    Last read: currently reading The Burning Maze by Rick Riordan
    Main writing project: nothing specific at present; just doing a mixture of rps and poetry
    Note to your past self: pleaaaase journal more because you'll forget so many things and wish you recorded them xD
    One non-necessity you couldn't live without: YWS
    Person you admire: @Snoink and @Liminality (both super cool, wise, & smart people!) and honestly so many others on yws. outside of yws, Johanna Basford is an excellent coloring-book creator and a lovely person :>
    Question you'd like people to answer below: what's one thing that made you smile today? alternatively, what is one reason to love potatoes?
    Reason to write: because it's fun :D
    Sports: ehhh does mock trial count >.>
    Tag a YWSer that's a good writer: @Ventomology @Plume @GengarIsBestBoy @herbalhour @WeepingWisteria aaaaa too many people to tag
    Ultimate color: MINT GREEN >:3
    Volunteer? i used to teach free coding classes! hmm i do wanna try other kinds of volunteering too. also apparently being a gm counts 0.0
    What are you working on? homework lol. also roleplays and various wips =P
    EXciting news: napo is in one and a half months !!
    Your favorite unlikely combination: computer science and writing
    Zombies? may be able to do zumba, who knowz?

    JazzElectrobass It made me smile when one friend decided to walk with me to my locker, and then another friend joined us. Then 2 more people joined us, and then another one. Then we all split up into 2-3 groups, and regrouped a few minutes later in a different place.
    Potatos are nutritious and they are also the name of a very awesome group of kids fighting demons :D

    Feb 17, 2024

    Spearmint aww nice!!
    and yesssss 100% 8)

    Feb 17, 2024

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  • 3c

  • DreamyAlice wrote:


    I hope everyone enjoyed #UnSoMo now as the official social fortnight or #SocialMonth2024 has started. Here is one more exciting thing for you all. This social month we planned to break a YWS record! All the past YWS records and record holders are mentioned in the The YWS Big Book of Records, but there are collective records as well like the last Great Tortoise Race of 2023 we broke the last Most Users to Complete Team Tortoise in one Month record with 9 members making through the month.

    This social month on YWS we are trying to break the record of Most people in a writing pad at once. It would be a pretty cool record to set. The last one would probably have been for YWS's 16th birthday with around 20 people. We are trying to surpass that goal and yeah that's crazy, chaotic, and of course AMAZING!

    We got this! Do not forget your fruit juices, everyone. Mr.Pineapple invites you to the GREAT PINEAPPLE PARTY hosted by me and @OrabellaAvenue!
    The date and timing is
    (There is a code applied that changes the time to the reader's time zone so it will be different for everyone according to where they live)

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