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About Me

At the age of one I faced voldemort ( at the time he had a nose, and I bit it off). I was placed in foster care with the simpsons. At twelve, I joined Camp half-blood and I found out Darth Vader was my father. After biting off his nose ( that's why he wears a mask, he's ashamed of it) , and faced off my first zombie with my sunflower. Years later I adopted 101 mickey mouses and went to live with the smurfs. My ex- boyfriend, Donuld Duck chopped of my hand, so I replaced it with a hook. Together, me and capatain Hook, took revenge on Peter Pan. His brother, Peter Parker ( AKA spiderman) took revenge on me, and bit my nose. Killing Spiderman turned me into Batman and I joined forces with the Joker to blow up Smallvile. Willie Wonka hid me in his chocolate fountain, while hiding a zombie care bear ate me and I turned into a ghost. Flash, who has a crush on me, wrote my name in Death Note and I joined Robin Hood's army. Seven Dwarfs bought me a house tied to ballons and chanted.
" Up, up, you go!"
I ended up in the jungle, Simba gave me immortality and I flew to Tazarn. I met Indiana Jones, who was Peter Pan's third degree cousin, so he locked me up in a cave, and I died there. Jesus was there too, and told me he didn't want to be Jesus anymore, so we switched bodies. In the wild West I met James Bond who taught me poker. After appearing on a few Oprah shows I overdosed. The end.

The moral is: You can be anything you want, just say no to drugs, kids.


I love writing, listening to my dogs snor, paint, takes photographs, swim, sing in the shower, make revolutions in class, talk to my friends, jump up and down when I'm excited, the list goes on and on...


A full time procrastinate and dreamer

If you can't get out of your comfort zone, you'll never find what you're looking for. Don't make things quick and easy to feel better short term. Make a change and then you'll feel better longer term.
— Frinderman