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  • Please admire how perfect this magazine is...


    LadyMysterio Whoa I've never seen a hummingbird like that!
    Jul 19, 2024

    Snoink It's a fiery-throated hummingbird featured in their special hummingbirds of Costa Rica section! :)
    Jul 19, 2024

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  • Strawberry roots are currently soaking...


    LadyMysterio oooooh
    Jul 18, 2024

    RavenAkuma Oh boy, strawberries!! :D Do you plan to add other berries in the future too??
    Jul 18, 2024

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  • More #Nanotags !!! *cheers* This time, we're doing #SpoilerAlert !

    #SpoilerAlert - This one's for the jaw-droppers, the twists, the unexpected turns - big or small. Share a plot twist in your novel and be sure to wrap it in a spoiler code.

    LOL. Oh man... since I'm writing the LAST CHAPTER (aka, The Lady's Revenge!!!) I can spoil everything. XD But... I'll just stick in this quote from Book 1, as a little reminder of this prophecy...

    Spoiler! :
    In a strange voice, Uclepidies said, “Because a long time ago, the Oracle prophesied to the first Conqueror that my child would bring upon the death of the Conquerors. And the first Conqueror has never forgotten this.”

  • Time for some #Nanotags !!! In particular, #BestDialogue !

    Coming up with dialogue is an art, whether it's something moving, suspenseful or ridiculously hilarious. Share one (or more) of your favourite dialogues or quotes from your novel.

    ...I am going to steal some stuff from Book 4 and not just the one chapter I intend on finishing, lol.

    Favorite moving dialogue!

    Spoiler! :
    “I understand,” Cyrus murmured, his arms still wrapped around her. “My family was murdered too. In the early days, sometimes I felt like I was living in a nightmare."

    She shuddered, hiccupping. "Was it hard for you to breathe at first?"

    Cyrus nodded, pressing his cheek into her hair. "Sometimes, it's still hard, even though they’ve been gone for years. But it gets easier to breathe. Every day, it gets a little easier to breathe.”

    Um... suspenseful??? Lol, there are a bunch of suspenseful dialogue throughout.

    But! This one!

    Spoiler! :
    "I don't understand! Why is it so hot? Everything is so hot!"

    "Because everything is on fire," Cyrus yelled. "Now, listen! I need you to turn into a White Swan, spread out your wings, and jump."

    "Jump? You want me to fly?" She began to weep. "I can't fly! I haven't flown in years!"

    "I will be your eyes and help guide you down," Cyrus said impatiently. "All you need to do is spread out your wings and jump. Don't be afraid! Only trust me and everything will be fine!"

    She wept harder. "But I can't!"

    "If you don't do this, we'll both be destroyed!" Cyrus snapped. "Again, everything is on fire! The building is about to collapse. You must trust me!"

    "But I can't!"

    Ridiculously hilarious??? Probably this scene were a White Swan complains about being human, lol.

    Spoiler! :
    “See, this is why being human was a terrible idea,” the White Swan said, trying to push the Black Swan away while he preened her hair. “How do you even stand on these pathetic legs? You look like a crane walking on stilts, and cranes are ridiculous. Now a Swan is elegant! You look at a crane and think of stilts, but nothing can rival the elegance of a Swan swimming in a lake or soaring overhead—”

    “I said be quiet!” Cyrus hissed. “I didn’t ask for a discourse about cranes!”

    “Well, it’s true,” she muttered. “Cranes are ridiculous. And humans are even more ridiculous. They make even cranes look elegant, and that takes some doing. Why, a crane is just a grebe with stilts for legs. And a grebe is only a fancy duck. But a Swan—”

    Areastrixleiell So, what I'm gathering is if you want good dialogue just add Cyrus XD
    Jul 18, 2024

    Snoink Basically! XD That's why he's the main character. ;)

    Though, the other characters do have names... I just took them out in these passages so it doesn't spoil everything, lol.

    Jul 18, 2024

  • Omni those look so good!!
    Jul 16, 2024

    RavenAkuma Awesome!! :D
    Jul 17, 2024

  • Ahhh!!!! I have so many good dialogues in my story!!! How am I supposed to pick??
    Roxanne wrote:Image

    We're back with another set of NaNoTags! Last week's #FirstLine and #NovelSoundtrack had catchy opening lines and great soundtracks! If you missed any of the tags before, head over to the trusty NaNoTags thread and catch up on the buzz. And this week's hashtags are...

    Coming up with dialogue is an art, whether it's something moving, suspenseful or ridiculously hilarious. Share one (or more) of your favourite dialogues or quotes from your novel.

    This one's for the jaw-droppers, the twists, the unexpected turns - big or small. Share a plot twist in your novel and be sure to wrap it in a spoiler code. You can also include the title of your novel above the spoiler. See the code below for an example.
    Code: Select all
    #SpoilerAlert (Title of your novel)
    [spoiler]insert twist here[/spoiler]

    Bonus Hashtag!
    Because all's fair in writing and memes, share some memes about the writing process, NaNoWriMo, characters, writers themselves, or anything else related to writing. Tag it all with #NaNoMemes

    Good luck with your projects and have fun with the NaNoTags! :D

    Keep up with the hashtags #NaNoTags #CampNaNo

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  • The cucumber patch. When these plants were first popping up from the ground, I was sooooo excited and all I could think about was homemade pickles. Then some nasty striped cucumber bugs all but destroyed the seedlings and all my hope melted away.

    But look! They grew back, even after being decimated. Even the one that was eaten to a mere broken stalk came back and is now a happy plant. Will they bear any fruit? I don't know! But for now, I am overjoyed that they have leaves and look happy. What was one dead is now alive and it is yet another tiny reminder of Easter in all its wonder and joy.


  • Please take a moment to appreciate how nice these two potato plant rows look...


    ToastK they’re beautiful!
    Jul 15, 2024

    Carlito your garden is goals.
    Jul 17, 2024

  • ...is there a pad open for anybody who is doing LSS at last minute and doesn't want to suffer alone???

    Ley I’m sure they’ll be some later on xD

    it seems like we always wait until there’s 5 hours left to write

    Jul 14, 2024

  • LadyMysterio Hehe I see what ya did there
    The ground is gonna love it!

    Jul 13, 2024

    Snoink Hopefully! ^^

    It kind of amuses me... we grow hay for the dairy farmer for him to feed his cows and he gives us fertilizer from his cows to grow hay... *cues music from "Circle of Life*

    Jul 13, 2024

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  • Did I just listen to Biden's press conference so I could stress clean??? Yes. Yes, I did.

    And now my dishes are washed and dried before midnight.

    LadyMysterio Maybe I should do this. Usually I do music, but then you end up dancing. This may work XD
    Jul 11, 2024

    Snoink I'm not sure, lol. I'm feeling very anxious now. XD Dancing might be more fun...
    Jul 11, 2024

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  • OKAY. So... #NanoTags ! In particular... #NovelSoundtrack ! The song that makes me want to say, "YES, BOOK 4!" is "Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)" by Backstreet Boys. (I know... it's a weird choice, like who even knows of the Backstreet Boys anymore??? But hear me out...)

    (Enspoilered because 1) super long, 2) plot points from Book 4 are discussed... not in a way that spoils the story, I think... but they are discussed regardless, haha.)

    Spoiler! :
    I've seen it all a thousand times
    Falling down I'm still alive, am I? Am I?
    So hard to breathe when the water's high
    No need to swim I'll learn to fly, so high, so high

    When Book 4 starts, Cyrus is basically at the lowest point ever... which is saying something for Cyrus because he really has had a difficult life, all things considered. Things are not good for him, he is not happy... but he is still alive. Struggling, but alive. Then, after attempting to apologize, he gets ONE LAST CHANCE to make things right again. A chance for redemption! So he takes the chance and starts the whole story rolling.

    So I love these lyrics because it's like, "I'm still alive, am I? Am I?" because it gives that question to what should be an obvious answer. Because, no, Cyrus doesn't really feel like he's alive. He feels like he's been drowning in misery. And so his solution? To ally himself with the unlikeliest ally -- a White Swan who is sympathetic to him.

    You find the truth in a child's eyes
    When the only limit is the sky
    Living proof I see myself in you

    Then this quote... by the time Book 4 rolls around, Cyrus is a father! But he has thus far been a very absent father for numerous reasons and doesn't really feel like one. When he first gets his chance of redemption, he doesn't really think of her much, aside from being aware that she exists and feeling vaguely uncomfortable about her existence.

    Nor does he like being reminded of his daughter. At one point, a character tells him, "Diamea gave you your daughter for a reason. Do not cast her off so easily. It is through her that your redemption will come." And Cyrus reacts with anger with this statement because he doesn't care. He just wants to do his task and get it over with.

    But then he and his daughter actually meet. And talk. And it changes both of their lives in big ways. And yes, it is through her that his redemption will come... though not in the way that you might expect.

    Also, in meeting this child, he is forced to confront his own childhood and realizes how messed up everything is. Like, yeah, he's done some really bad things and he knows that well, but also he is able to look back on what he did in his youth and realize that also, he was trapped in a terrible situation and kind of... realize that? I dunno. There's lots of trauma involved in this story, I'm afraid. XD

    When walls starts to close in
    Your heart is frozen over
    Just show 'em what you're made of
    When sun light is fading
    The world will be waiting for you
    Just show 'em what you're made of

    When Cyrus first starts his journey, he refuses to put himself in any vulnerable situations because he doesn't want to be considered weak. He doesn't want to have to confront the past either because that would also put him in a vulnerable position where he has to admit that he was wrong and he doesn't want to do that either. He just wants to finish the task that he's set off to do without any complications, that's it.

    But as time goes on, he has to open himself and tear down all those walls that he's built up. He has to face the past and confront his own inner demons because he can't complete that task otherwise. And he has to get past his own insecurities and really become the man he was meant to be -- in short, he needs to become a hero (and show 'em what he's made of, hahaha.)

    And like. When that happens, some really amazing things happen. It's not like Cyrus automatically the Nicest Guy Ever TM. Like, at one point, he sets a house on fire with no regrets whatsoever. He is very much an anti-hero! But also, he does what needs to be done, and it's also amazing to see him integrate that destructive, dangerous part of himself with the rest of him in a way that is often heroic, and honestly? It's really exciting to see!

    Gloves are off, ready to fight
    Like a lion I will survive.
    Will I? Will I?
    You gotta stand for something
    Even if you stand alone, don't be afraid
    It's gonna be alright

    It takes a while for Cyrus to finally fight... at first, he's really struggling because, again, he just wants to finish the task in the most straightforward possible and doesn't want to get distracted. His task is not supposed to be a violent task, after all! He is also afraid that, by fighting, he'll end up falling into his past sins. Again. And he is understandably wary about that.

    But as things happen and get more complicated, he has to stand up and fight. And often he's not sure if he's doing the right thing or whether he is going to survive. And often, he's alone when he finally stands up and fights. BUT. When he does!!! It is really cool.

    One more thing...

    You find the truth in a child's eyes
    When the only limit is the sky
    Living proof I see myself in you

    This is repeated several times. And yes, this applies to Cyrus and his daughter, but it is also! There are several children whom Cyrus befriends who encourage him throughout some of the hardest parts where Cyrus is certain that all is about to be lost, and they give him hope when there is no hope at all.

    Okay! I am done. Hopefully, I didn't spoil everything. xD

    Fishr Can you publish them now so I can read the books already. :)
    Jul 14, 2024

    Snoink I would say that I'm trying, but... *pokes ripped up Book 1* I kind of need to make a solid third draft, hahah.

    (There may be a time that I make a call out for beta readers though??? Just not... yet.)

    Jul 14, 2024

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  • Not to be too political, but did you know Joe Biden's middle name is Robinette????

    Snoink Donald Trump's middle name is John, which is very normal and not too surprising. However, Donald Duck's middle name is Fauntleroy!! Which is a very fantastic name in every respect.
    Jul 10, 2024

    LadyMysterio everyday i learn something new from Snoink
    Jul 10, 2024

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  • More #Nanotags !!! Hooray!

    The #FirstLine of this chapter is:

    Cyrus turned his head to look up where he thought the tunnels were, hoping to see a light.

I am just curious-have I ever been on the bottom quote-thingy?
— foxmaster