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Silver, but not gold because gold would not work well with night. gold night? nah

About SilverNight

Hey, it's Silver! You can also call me Silv for short ^^

Some things about me, since that's what bios are for and my credentials have to go somewhere:

-I'm in lots of roleplays/storybooks and I love writing there!
-I also write poetry and have participated in NaPo, in 2021 and in 2022.
-I was Featured Member from February 1st to February 15th, 2021.
-I won the January Review Challenge of 2021. Now I've pretty much forgotten how to review. Oops.
-I became a Junior Moderator in the Roleplay Crew on June 13th, 2021, and I'm always happy to help you out there. Just PM me if I can do anything for you!
-I participated in LSS Round II, where my crew got second place!
-I'll do anything for a peppermint hot chocolate. Is that relevant here? I don't know, but it's all I can think to say about myself.

Oh, how about some second opinions on me for credentials? Okay, here's some endorsements (or just statements regarding my existence and the threat that I pose to the world) that I have gotten:

"i wont take a bullet for you. ill shoot a bullet for you, though" ~Omni
"I would both take a bullet and shoot a bullet for you, Silv. Just know that I’m a terrible shot." ~Wist
"Not everything’s about you silver :]” ~winter
"guys, Silv is being mean and not letting me return the emotional damage >:(" ~Ace
"silv is obsessed with heists" ~Omni
"silv why didn't you tell me you were obsessed with heists I thought we were friends" ~Ace
"y’all we outnumber silver let’s overthrow her >:]" ~winter
"silver is out, literally anyone else is my new second best friend" ~Ace
"Silver casually lurking amidst this carnage xD" ~Harry
"Silver is the monster." ~Wist

yeet. that be me.


Reading, writing, music, acting, singing, guitar, and traveling.


A student, a writer, and a self-declared hot chocolate enthusiast.

Once you have people's attention, you have a greater responsibility to tell them something of value.
— Tobias Forge (Ghost B.C.)