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Life's too short to be boring C:

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About meeeeeeee :3

HEYLOOOOO! And I'm glad you stopped by to learn a bit about me... let's see... *glares at current life* Yep! Just as I thought. I'm bored. I love to party, and by party I mean take naps. I'm procrastinating right now because I should be studying, but fuck it I'm a grown woman! Sorta. At least everyone tells me I'm "mature for my age" <<what does that even mean??? Proved that statement wrong multiple times already. *cough cough* Well, I guess you could just PM me instead of trying to dig up the dirt in my "About Page" or not... that's fine too. Okay byeezzzzz! <3 Ehh that was painful >.> You're still here? Okay then... *taps foot on the floor* *looks up* still here? Hmmm, well, I could sketch you if you stay still for a sec--no? Okay, staring contest? Pfff... I didn't want to do that anyway. *slides out of chair and falls asleep* Zzzzzzzzzz... is they still here?


Writing, physical therapy, sketching, singing, guitar, learning different languages, photography


Nanny, high school student

Man is by nature a political animal.
— Aristotle