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  • my hair has been 3 different colors within a span of 3 months.
    First it was brown/red, then I dyed it purple in the beginning of June, then I dyed it black today.
    The best part? I have felt more confident each time I've dyed it.

  • Just a short update:
    So I have been in my new relationship for almost a month now and it's great! He is a wonderful guy who makes me very happy.
    My skin has been clearing up a ton and I am so happy about it. My skin has always been my biggest insecurity because of my acne but I am feeling more confident than ever right now.
    I've been slowly getting back into drawing again after months and it feels good to be able to create again.
    Although I am super nervous for senior year, as the time comes closer, I am easing up a bit about it.
    Overall things are going pretty good and for once in my life I can say I feel genuinely happy and okay with life. :)

  • I am so tired of boys who manipulate girls
    it has happened to me way too many times, I've noticed
    Like they'll cry at the thought of losing you and then leave you? WHAT TWISTED THING IS THAT? They make promises and break them and tell you what you wanna hear yet be a total ass when things get rough.
    Like... people who do this are the reason that some people are scared to get into a good relationship because they're scared it's just another lie.

  • you said “hey”
    and i said “hello”
    what’s your name?
    i’d really like to know
    about you, too bad i stopped at “hello.”

    i just stared
    and you grinned
    and looked right back
    it felt like just one big whirlwind one big whirlwind

    over the next few days we got to talking
    with every single word i started falling
    farther and farther for you

    you were witty and so charming
    you swept me off my feet
    you made me laugh you made me blush
    oh no one could compete
    it seemed to good to be true
    i wanted to be with you
    we clicked like legos
    or the clacking of tap shoes

    you say “hey”
    i said “hello,
    how was your day?”
    you said “better now” with a smile.
    oh what a cliché.
    but to be honest it made my day!

    i didn’t wanna fall but then i stepped right in
    i looked up at your face
    and those eyes , they drew me in, it was too late for me

    that’s what we were
    a simple cliche
    it wasn’t made to work
    but i wouldn’t have it any other way

    – cliché by mxmtoon

  • I have never been so comfortable, confident, and genuine in a relationship as I do right now and it hurts to see most of my friends not supporting me. I make my own choices in life and if I get hurt, so be it, I learn from it and move on. All I ask is honesty and actual support and I can't even get that. It hurts and I have had so much anxiety over it for days.

  • I got my first candle, and yeah it's a silly thing to get excited about, but I am. It's called "Paris" (going to Paris is my absolute dream) and it smells like coffee beans and old women, which I love.
    A lot of things have been hitting me the past few days, been super anxious and worrying about a lot of stuff, especially senior year coming up. So today I was able to light my new and beloved candle, get under the blankets, journal, and catch up on a webtoon I am reading. Afterwards I sat outside next to my pool and stuck my feet in as I watched my dogs run outside as the sun set. It was an hour of relaxing that I really needed.
    Thank you, candle.

  • Wordzyy Hiii!
    Jul 3, 2018

  • arden wrote:
    Dulcet wrote:Me: "I'm gonna get out there and talk to people, do stuff, and be an active, productive member of the community!"

    Social anxiety:

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  • I've had art block for the past... hm.. 3-4 months? Like I literally cannot draw anything anymore. It's so bad and I feel like breaking down. I have tried many many times to draw something, anything, but it's just an endless cycle of it not looking good (at ALL), me giving up and completely scrapping it, and then feeling like crap. I never wanted to give up my art, but it just sort of happened. I hope this ends soon. I feel awful. My writing has been slowing down too, but not to the point that my art has. I have written about 9 poems in the past 2 months, which isn't bad at all but most of those were quite short and simple. I'm not sure if this is like my depression getting to me or just something as simple as art block or what.

    Love Maybe drawing from reference will help? And remember it's just for fun. I find that it can help if I'm drawing from reference, as it is then more likely to turn out good. But if it doesn't, I have to remind myself to try again :)
    Jun 24, 2018

    KaiRyu Art block is one of the worst things... I really hope it ends soon for you!
    Jun 24, 2018

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  • BlueAfrica wrote:
    Kale wrote:I'm not usually a fan of self-help stuff, but this article really resonated with me: Pain Plus Reflection Equals Progress

    These parts in particular stood out to me:
    Our painful moments are important moments. When we confront something painful, we are left with a choice between an ugly and painful truth or a beautiful delusion. Many of us opt for the latter and it slows our progress.

    Rather than run from pain, we need to identify it, accept it, and learn how to use it to better ourselves. For us to adapt, we need to learn from the uncomfortable moments. We need to value a tough-love approach, where people show us what we’re missing and help us get better.

    You have a choice: You can prefer that the people around you fail to point out your blind spots, or you can prefer that they do.

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  • Hello everyone! Wanted to shout out a Happy Fathers Day! I am forever thankful for my father, being an amazing single dad and raising 2 daughters on his own, and having to deal with the chaos of my family. He is the most generous person I have met and is so successful. He works so hard and deserves so much more than what he has.
    I know this day can be hard for some, as not everyone has a reliable father or father figure. I keep all those in consideration and love you all.

    Just a song that always come to mind when I think of my dad:
    phpBB [media]

  • You know, I have had a lot of crap happen in my life (ex. mother and brother abandonment, bullying, depression, multiple heartbreaks, sexual harassment), but gosh, life is such a beautiful adventure that is totally worth living. I am full of smiles now and so incredibly thankful to be alive and able to live a life that is not perfect yet astounding and full of pleasant surprises.

    zaminami Amen
    Jun 15, 2018

    Frinderman Amen
    Jun 15, 2018

  • new icon for the rest of the month; happy pride! ♡♡♡

    Mageheart It looks beautiful! I think it really suits you.
    Jun 15, 2018

    Rosella thank you!
    Jun 15, 2018

  • Yesterday I went on a date and it was genuinely an amazing day. I went to his house and we watched 2 of my favorite movies before hanging out in his room just talking and chatting before his stepmom picked up dinner, and I was able to eat my favorite meal (steak with fries) with him before they took me home and he met my dad. It was lovely, a day I will never forget.

    Rosella Also, new icon~
    Jun 1, 2018

  • AriannaC wrote:Here's a salute to all the soldiers, past and present, who have fought and died for my freedom. Thank you!


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u can't have villains exist just 2 b villains
— ShadowVyper