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Introducing DragonLily

In no particular order-

I am a poet:
I generally think in a very nonlinear and figurative fashion.

I am a philosopher:
I am constantly examining the logic behind seemingly simple ideas, and attempting to expand my understanding of everything.
"I'm indecisive because I see eight sides to everything." -unknown

I am a nerd, a geek, a doofus and a dork:
My social skills are lol wut

I am a follower of Jesus:
I wish to hug all of the peoples and make everything better for them. <3

I am currently recovering from several mental health issues, including severe anxiety and depression:

I am often torn between a desire to spend my life adventuring around the world, seeing new places and meeting new people and learning new things, and a desire to stay curled up at home with my books and my tea and my 5+ cats.

Nothing is impossible, for the word itself says, 'I'm possible!'
— Audrey Hepburn