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Greetings Traveler!

I'm Riellehn, but you can just call me Rie if you wish. I like to make things easier for others.

If you came here for funny stories, then I shall provide them. It you came here for sad stories, I shall still provide them. If you came here for poetry, novels, flash fiction, or something in between, then I shall happily provide them. After all, what's the point in joining such a wonderful site as this if you don't take the opportunity to dabble in a little bit of everything?

In a way, that's what I'd consider myself. A dabbler. Not really an expert in anything, but not entirely clueless. I can write sad poetry, and I can write cheerful novels. While neither would be at the level of the greatest writers, I'd still like to think that what I write is something that can be enjoyed.

Well, perhaps you should be on your way traveler. I'm not the only thing you can see in this place, after all! Though if you do need help with something, whether you need to mend a broken heart or just want someone to talk to, my doors will be open to you. I don't live for myself anymore; I live for others.


I'm a bit of a dabbler

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."
— William Shakespeare