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About Nicole136

Hello there
I suppose you're here because you want to learn more about me. So here I go:
I am 100% a hUuman... Definently... Obviously... Why do you ask?

And according to this thread: The Topic of TrinityPoeting
I am poeting so a better actually go do that... Because I do that... Definitely... Why do you ask?
And that's all there is to know about me so, I'll just be over here... 100% doing things *nods*

(If you want someone to chat with feel free to stop by anytime I also have a YWS discord: quillfeather37


Being a human, being not a robot


Certified ghost of of WFP



Surround yourself with people who are serious about being writers, and who will tell you, ‘Hey—you can do better than this.’ Who will be critical of your work, but also supportive. And who will not be competitive in a negative way.
— Isabel Quintero