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About Phillauthet

Hey there!

I'm basically this teenaged girl, living like anybody else.
I've been writing random pieces since I was tiny, like 5 or 6.
I'm a very determined person, so I don't give up easily. If I start on something, I very rarely give up. Though I may take few lazy breaks. Okay, many.

I have an environmentalist's mindset, and a dear ambition is to make people understand that 'HUMANS' and 'ANIMALS' are not two separate worlds. Maybe then people will stop killing them for the fun of it.

I was featured member from 5th Oct - 22nd Oct 2021

I'm not much of a movie person, but I've watched a few ones like Interstellar, Matrix, King Kong, etc. etc. (No judging)

I love reading, and my favourite authors (no specific order) are Amish, Rick Riordan, JK Rowling, Eoin Colfer, and Suzanne Collins.
Whoever has read all of these (my bestie!!!) or even not all, you are welcome to PM me for crazy fandom talk.


Reading, Writing, Riding, Singing or listening to Music (Good Music!!), Tinkering with whatever I find, Photography, being with Nature, and any Adventurous stuff (Climbing a Waterfall, Trekking through a forest... You get the idea)



We do have funerals for the living. They're called birthday parties.
— Jill Biden (fictitiously), Hope Never Dies