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  • I want to make a comic
    I had an idea planned out and everything.
    But motivation. I dont even know how it's going to end I dont know anything beyond a vague outline but I want to make something but it's also gonna be really hard because I'm friggin talentless lmao

  • ok so the acronym to follow for the review day is HEHE so i guess we're all just michael jackson on review day
    [insert a chorus of hee hees here]

  • my teeth hurt what did i d o

    IntrovertedIcarus That's rough buddy
    Jan 23, 2020

    sylrie D i d y o u e a t i c e ? ?
    Jan 23, 2020

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  • i really want to write but h o m e w o r k

    Orion42 im a rebel im writing anyway
    Jan 12, 2020

    Lib #rebel >:)
    Jan 12, 2020

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  • i feel like im doing everything wrong with this assignment but anyway i just randomly remembered that one time i got my profile hidden on a social media site by one of the mods because I didn't credit the artist of the art in my profile picture and I didn't credit the photographer of the 2 background pictures in my profile but joke's on the mod I am the artist and photographer of those pictures

  • hey how does a jewish man make tea

    ....hebrews it

    (please someone send help for me this assignment is going to kill me there's so much work to be done on talking about how judaism and christianity influenced the modern world)

    stinasobi Aahahahhah this is so funny XD but I'm sorry I can't help you with ur project, I know nothing about judaism :/
    Jan 10, 2020

    Orion42 Copy and pasted directly from my notes, glorious typos and all:
    Charity- again something important that contrasts with ancient cultures. Romans didn’t care about the poor, judaism said no that’s bad youre contractually obligated (not really cuz religion and contracts aren’t like a thing) to give poor people support so theyre not poor people anymoer. Kinda mandatory to donate to charity in judaism (or whatever the equivalent of donating to charity would be in old times when judaism was a new thing i dont know ask jesus or s,mothig)
    I'm very tired can you tell

    Jan 10, 2020

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  • Happy YWS Anniversary! ♡♥♡

  • merry christmas hydrate or diedrate kids

  • Hey. ♡ How are you doing?

    Orion42 its christmas
    i got pajamas for christmas
    they are very fuzzy and warm. i also have coffee. life is good

    Dec 25, 2019

  • its a sad day when you can't find good drawing references for bare feet and you forget how the hair if your own character works

  • one of my friends texted me at 12:15 am and said she could hear one of my ocs saying "I'll cut your liver and throw you in the river" and tbh I can't unhear that in my own mind and I want to draw it

    Orion42 i drew it djflkasfn
    Dec 12, 2019

  • IntrovertedIcarus
    Dec 11, 2019

    Is this Sir Reginald the sad? =P

    Orion42 no this is patrick
    Dec 11, 2019

    IntrovertedIcarus Oh sorry i thought this was sir regy boi the sad, the keeper of forfeited bone marrow. My apologies Patrick.
    Dec 11, 2019

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  • well the person who called one of my characters a mary sue now follows me so oop time to never post anything ever again

  • You ever just write something really stupid because yeah i just did that and now i get the feeling that the running joke of this section is gonna be throwing pants at people's heads

    Lib Lol xD
    Dec 4, 2019

I don't care what the miserable excuse is for showing the death of books, live, on screen. Men, I could understand; but books! -
— Edwin Morgan, From the Video Box 2