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  • Spearmint wrote:

    coming soon!!


    Participate in fun hashtags
    Earn points and badges
    Enjoy the RP energy!

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  • for all my rpers, I will be coming back on the 1st to get back into everything. just taking a break until then ^^

  • alliyah
    Aug 17, 2023

    Hey omni! hope u are doing great! <3 Here is a bug! #LeaveAnIconOnSomonesWallChallenge Have a good day!

  • Spearmint wrote:And with that, RPMo 2023 is officially over!! Thanks to everyone who participated~! :D

    Don't forget to claim your Checklist Challenges and DM Daily Bounties! Please update your posts by 8/18/23 so we can get your badges and points awarded. ^^

    P.S. You can still access the main RPMo 2023 thread here. :]

    P.P.S. Sad that RPMo's over? We are too! But you can definitely keep roleplaying to your heart's content, and RP crew's got a little surprise in mind for the beginning of September... ;)

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  • completed the RP checklist challenge two years in a row! yeeeeeeeeet

    winterwolf0100 Yayyyyyyyy same!
    Aug 15, 2023

  • DungeonMaster wrote:
    DM Dailies: Day 30


    Wanted: Join the RP Pad Party
    Reward: 100 points

    The month is almost over! Gather to write one more time to make the final push home, before you claim your heroic trophies and put your feet up for a while.

    Join us here!

    To complete:
    Code: Select all
    Bounty: Join Pad Party | Reward: 100 Gold | Proof:

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  • Spearmint
    Aug 12, 2023


    Omni omnomnomnomold XD
    Aug 12, 2023

    Spearmint perfect XD
    Aug 12, 2023

  • KocoCoko wrote:https://www.youngwriterssociety.com/viewtopic.php?t=114664&p=1646282#p1646282

    Oh, I wonder what this could be?
    Is that- a dark fantasy storybook? Hmm...


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  • There are three open spots! Come join c:
    Omni wrote:

    The Grand Arena is now accepting combatants!

    Come check it out!

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  • Spearmint wrote:

    Checklist Challenge Update!

    The Checklist Challenge has been updated to include two wildcard challenges!

    Check out the details below:

    Wildcard Challenges
    • If you are unable, for whatever reason, to complete a Beginner or Intermediate challenge, you may replace it with one of the following:
      • Complete 7 DM Daily Bounties
      • Share an out-of-context RP quote on your wall
    • These two wildcard challenges can be used to replace any two Beginner or Intermediate challenges

    Reminder to record which challenges you completed by August 14~! :D

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  • Spearmint wrote:Whoops, this may have to be delayed about an hour. Updated time is !
    Spearmint wrote:Image

    Join the Keeping a Roleplay Going workshop on ! Gain some insights on keeping interest and posting up and share tips from your own experiences. (This also counts for the "Participate in a workshop" challenge from the Checklist Challenge! Note that if you are unable to attend this workshop or the ones we'll host on 8/13, RP Crew will be posting some wild card challenges tomorrow that you can complete instead. ^-^)

    Pop in on !

    The link to a wfp will be posted on the day of.

    Psst... not sure what a wfp is? Click on the spoiler below!

    Spoiler! :
    Wfp stands for writerfeedpad, and it's a place to write and chat with other people online. To join a wfp, just click on the link! You should be taken to a screen that looks something like the image below.


    You can change your name and color by clicking on the name at the top right. On the bottom right is the chatbox. Type a message there and hit enter to send it and chat with other people! The large box on the left is the main area of the wfp. It's typically used when you have to write more, or to store things that you don't want to get lost in the fast-moving chat.

    Feel free to ask the other people in the wfp (also called the pad) if you have any questions! We're always happy to help <3

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  • okay I have (bad) internet now so i will hopefully be on here more c:

    Spearmint !! :D
    Aug 10, 2023

  • alliyah What's the best animal?
    What are 3 things you are proud of accomplishing?
    Next username prediction for yourself?

    Aug 7, 2023

    Spearmint How do you come up with RP ideas?
    Aug 7, 2023

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