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About OliveDreams

I am a 25 year old incessant scribbler, obsessive reader & a super proud Mummy. <3

I live, breathe, love Fantasy/Sci Fi and I read constantly. Some of my favourite authors are; J.K Rowling (obviously), Robin Hobb, Patrick Ness, Maria V. Snyder, Brandon Sanderson, Kresley Cole & Trudi Canavan.

I am thrilled to be a Junior moderator for the site! Feel free to ask me any questions, like ever. I'm always here for a friendly chat & never hesitate to ask for some input on your ideas!

See you around you loveable lot!

Olive <3


Reading, Reading, Reading, Movies, Scrap booking, nappy changing & basic sick catcher.


Teaching Assistant

"We're just all nosy little busybodies."
— SirenCymbaline the Kiwi