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Ohio Impromptu

About Ohio Impromptu

He just disappeared one day. Everything in his room was exactly as we had always known it to be, except for the half-written, nonsensical script on his desk and the Godspeed You! Black Emperor CD in the stereo on repeat. That was how we found the room, and that was where the mystery began.

Every now and then you'd hear someone whisper, or scream loudly in the back of a bar, that they saw him boarding a plane bound for Prague. Or else they'd claim they killed him for the price of $5,000. Of course the stories would always end before they sounded credible.

And then of course the wild speculation really began. He was the Mary Celeste among ordinary people - the perfectly set dinner table with no signs of life in the house. Over time his own house became like a tourist attraction for paranormal enthusiasts. People broke in screaming to be taken to "meet Luke." Psychics and geiger counters found nothing in his room, but when it was eventually opened to the public, visitors could swear they "felt something" when they sat at his desk. I don't think he ever felt a thing sitting at that desk.

Regardless of where he is now, I keep one detail of Luke's disappearance to myself. Only two of the three identical pairs of shoes he owned were still there when we found his empty room. He put his shoes on before he disappeared. Surely that means something.


Interior design and totalitarian psychology. Sometimes I wish I was joking.



Just because you don't feel like a hero in your own story, doesn't mean you're not a hero in someone else's.
— Tenyo