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  • I find it insane how I've technically been on this website for 7 years and only have 15 reviews...Y'all my character arc is gonna be crazy, I WILL be more active! 😭🫡

  • Power is out so I'm gonna try and write a bunch of reviews on a spotty data connection from my phone! Woo!

    Myah06 Update: my connection is too slow for my patience, I did two and now I'm going to sleep. Haha
    Aug 15, 2023

  • I’m thinking about quitting the tortoise race. I’m finding it difficult to keep my reviews well thought out and eloquent by doing one everyday at the moment and I hate to do that to an author so…Good luck to everyone still participating! (If anyone’s reading this lol)

    I’ll continue working getting back into writing again :)

We all share half a braincell that bounces like a windows screensaver
— WeepingWisteria