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Hey there!

My name here is Miraculor77 but you can call me Mira :)

> 15
> She/her
> Digital and traditional art (Instagram: _miraculor77_)
> Don't you ever just wonder why we need to learn so many things we'll never need?
> BTS, Stray Kids, NCT, Starset, Fake Type, AViVA, Neal K, KARD, ONEUS
> Stray Souls (the Webtoon)
> Wanna make a webcomic but my art isn't good enough >.<
> Keep moving forward.
> Super busy with high school ㅠㅠ


coffee, matcha, green tea, milk tea, chai, boba (i might be addicted to caffeine..), reading, writing, Webtoon, kpop, manga, drawing, karate, working out, learning Korean, lofi


working on improving art and finding the motivation to rewrite my (incomplete) book

jk pls stop putting me in the quote gen imma get banned
— ShadowVyper