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Hello there! I'm Mage.

(You might know me better as Jay, Saen/Sae, or even TheLearningWriter.)

I'm a writer with a love of learning. I don't read as much as I used to anymore, but I still have my childhood habit of bingereading the books that I love.

I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to writing—I just can't stop myself from starting new projects. You can find me roleplaying here, ranting about latest writing project on my wall, or posting random poems over in my portfolio. Really like my poetry? You can also check out my poetry book over on Amazon! And if you're a fan of sci-fi and stories geared towards middle school students, you can check out Extraterrestrial: The Podcast. It currently has an entire first season available for free—with more episodes to come!

Aside from my writing, I'm a junior at my local state university. I'm majoring in biology and getting a degree in secondary education, so the goal is to someday be a fully certified high school science teacher. I'm also the vice president of our English club, so I might post about that from time to time!

But my big, life dream is to someday become a full-time author. I have absolutely no idea how long achieving that dream will take, but I'm hopeful that it's not too far off in the future~


If it wasn't for poetry, I couldn't express myself.
— Rosendorn