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Lord Anzius

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Who is Anssi "Anzius" E.

Anzius is a 20-something medical student on his last leg of university. He has already worked as a doctor on a few occasions thanks to the quirks of Finnish laws that allow older medical students to work as substitute doctors.

Anzius began his writing journey as a young lad back in primary school. He used to write violent stories involving demons, swords and shapeshifting heroes who might or might not have been heavily influenced by his love for the Animorphs book series.

As Anzius got older the stories became more coherent, comedy oriented, shifted to a higher level of fantasy, and became more influenced by Terry Pratchett. Sir Terry still remains the favourite author of Anzius.

Anzius discovered YWS back in 2008 when people still had spaces in their usernames. Apparently this is no longer a thing. Anzius was 13 back then, and he loved taking part in storybooks.

During high school it felt as though Anzius had hit a stride, writing two books at the same time: One was high fantasy and the other a dark thriller.

But then came the time for mandatory military service, followed by university, and engagement and all sorts of adult stuff like bills, taxes and ugh....

Nowadays Anzius reads books on anthropology and economy on his free time, and uses money to invest into funds.

Anzius also loves writing about himself in third person.


Books, writing articles about politics and international events, anime, music, basketball and the gym, making and enjoying memes


Medical Doctor to be

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.
— W. Somerset Maugham