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Liminality - *makes friendly noises*

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Liminality who?

Some stuff about me:
• I am stubborn when it comes to my goals
• I value practicality above all
• I was a neutral in the nanaveer vs. carinana war~ and am also team #unclassified
• I like experimenting with just about any genre and type of writing (outside of maybe YA, I guess)
• I am currently interested in modernist poetry and fantasy/sci-fi/ speculative short stories. I also like watching comedy anime and listening to odd combinations of music.
• I like language-learning and am currently trying to learn Japanese, alongside brushing up on my German. Someday I will work on my Mandarin again.

Social Indices:
• probably ethnic Chinese, I've never done a DNA test
• South-East Asian
• sort of multilingual (I speak English, and can understand Malay, some Mandarin, and German. I can also read a little tiny bit of Russian.)
• agnostic
• female, and cool with any pronouns
• non-practicing lesbian

~Quotes (by me) ~

It's a heuristic. It doesn't tell you something that's true, it tells you something that is convenient.


Language, literature, the natural world, history, creativity, resilience, value systems


Looking for an occupation.

Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.
— Albus Dumbledore