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Liminality who?

Hello! I'm a fellow scribbler, who enjoys experimenting with just about any type of writing. (Outside of maybe YA, I guess.)

I'd call myself a practical person; I like addressing things with action and I think that shows up in my verse. Towards the world, my mindset is that some things are far too complicated for one person to judge as good or bad. So I try not to immortalise my stronger opinions in case I find they tremble and crumble into dust under the pressure of reality.

When I'm not hunched over my laptop, I'm probably pacing, or looking out the window, or petting my dog.

Social Indices:
• probably ethnic Chinese, I've never done a DNA test
• South-East Asian
• multilingual (though that does not make me fluent in most of the languages I speak <.<)
• agnostic
• female; pronoun-indifferent


Language, literature, the natural world, history, creativity, resilience, value systems, philosophy


Looking for an occupation.

I see no reason to celebrate the random timing of natural events by eating poison and singing.
— Dilbert