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Liminality - *makes friendly noises*

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Liminality who?

Some stuff about me:
• I am stubborn when it comes to my goals
• I value practicality above all
• I was a neutral in the nanaveer vs. carinana war~ and am also team #unclassified
• I like experimenting with just about any genre and type of writing (outside of maybe YA, I guess)
• I am currently interested in modernist poetry and fantasy/sci-fi/ speculative short stories. I also like watching comedy anime and listening to odd combinations of music.
• I like language-learning and am currently trying to learn Japanese, alongside brushing up on my German. Someday I will work on my Mandarin again.

Social Indices:
• probably ethnic Chinese, I've never done a DNA test
• South-East Asian
• sort of multilingual (I speak English, and can understand Malay, some Mandarin, and German. I can also read a little tiny bit of Russian.)
• agnostic
• female, and cool with any pronouns
• non-practicing lesbian

~Quotes (by me) ~

It's a heuristic. It doesn't tell you something that's true, it tells you something that is convenient.


Language, literature, the natural world, history, creativity, resilience, value systems


Looking for an occupation.

Meatball, meatball, spaghetti underneath; ravioli, ravioli, great barrier reef!
— Spongebob