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"Smaller than the smallest dinosaur"

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I'm a hobbyist writer who enjoys experimenting with a variety of genres. Writing helps me think, and thinking helps me write! I believe starting lots of projects you've not 'finished' is perfectly okay, and I always think the projects I start are like little bottled messages for the me in the future. Maybe I'll find something new in them years later and finish them up then.

I grew up reading mostly Anglo-American writers (despite me being Southeast Asian, whoops!) but nowadays I read a little here, I read a little there, I read a little everywhere. I enjoy speculative fiction, absurdist fiction and sci-fi/ fantasy, as well as some classic dystopians. When it comes to poetry, I used to be a big metered poetry fan, but in recent years I've expanded out of that into enjoying poetry based on syllable counts, concrete poetry and prose poems. I'm also a fan of reading non-fiction, such as biographies of writers and philosophical works.

Currently reading: Atomic Habits, Beloved, The Fellowship of the Ring
Currently playing: not much?
Currently writing: reviews, poetry about imaginary places & people

*If I don't share your awareness or visibility post, if I haven't read your important authors of the year, and if in general it seems like I'm a quiet person, that is because I am. Being constructed entirely out of gumballs and candy floss, I'm incapable of being aware of much at a time, much less of letting people know I am aware using words, and that doesn't mean I don't care. Thank you for understanding. \(OwO)/

I usually show up online at times between 8am-2pm UTC.


Philosophy, linguistics, poetry, languages, journaling, machine learning, sense and nonsense, casual anime-watching, casual gaming


Student (uni undergrad in humanities + social sciences)

I am not a person I am a natural disaster
— TheWordsOfWolf