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Liminality who?

Hello! I'm a fellow scribbler, who enjoys experimenting with just about any type of writing. (Outside of maybe YA, I guess.)

I'm a friendly misanthrope. I love privately disagreeing with everyone who has an opinion, breaking the fourth wall and feigning innocence. I also love English words with Latin roots, poems about nothing in particular and those moments where the Malay dub hits its mark spot on.

When I'm not hunched over my laptop, I'm probably pacing, or looking out the window, or petting my dog.

~A Miscellaneous Musing Moment~

Making fun of the established social rituals is also a social ritual. :0


Language, literature, the natural world, history, creativity, resilience, value systems, philosophy, sci-fi, fantasy, trying to dissolve the most uninteresting aspects of personal identity



you know how those like hummingbird things have those fast wingy thingies? And like the heartbeats. The heartbeats are so fast. So like, do humminbribs like sense time fast too? like berry alen or smh? I BET THEY DO! BIRBFLASHHHHHHHH!
— Dr. Mr. Elfboy