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"A little roly poly, eradicated wholly, but we had a pretty good run, oh trilobite"

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Liminality who?

Hello! I'm a fellow scribbler, who enjoys experimenting with just about any type of writing. (Outside of maybe YA, I guess.)

I'm a friendly misanthrope. I love privately disagreeing with everyone who has an opinion, breaking the fourth wall and coming up with wild, unrealistic stories. I don't take myself seriously. I like ridiculous things, and I like things that are adaptable. I also love English words with Latin roots, poems about nothing in particular and those moments where the Malay dub hits the mark.

When I'm not hunched over my laptop, I'm probably pacing, or looking out the window, or petting my dog.

A ritual space or phase of transition in which a person is no longer what they were, but is not yet what they will be. The liminal is the in-between, the neither one thing nor the other. -- A Dictionary of Critical Theory, Ian Buchanan, via Oxford Reference

the transitional period or phase of a rite of passage, during which the participant lacks social status or rank, remains anonymous, shows obedience and humility, and follows prescribed forms of conduct, dress, etc
-- Collins Dictionary

Liminality is derived from passenger watching and assistance offering to strangers, whereby a sense of communitas is felt in a secure and often facilitating environment. -- Huang, Xiao and Wang, 2018, on liminality in airports


Philosophy, poetry, journaling, sense and nonsense


Living is an occupation, right?

Never use your shield as a dinner plate, for that is when the enemy is most likely to attack.
— The KotGR Commander