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About LeutnantSchweinehund

Not much to say about me, old chap. I fall within the layer of quite ordinary, gathered, perhaps, dare I say, educated folk.

I was born in Prague, I live in Prague, I study in Prague, and I intend to live out my days in Prague. I have considered living in the United States, but since I hold fairly untraditional beliefs, I don't think I'd be welcome. You see, I have this radical idea that we should treat each other with respect, to the point where we are unafraid to share unpleasant truths. I don't think we should sugar-coat our statements, and we should call out nonsense and ignorance wherever it may lurk. If there's a threat, we shouldn't shower ourselves in racial or religious guilt, as is so popular these days, but we should face that threat as a unified nation.

So that's a sample of my philosophy and set of beliefs.

I am currently studying mechanical engineering. I intend to work for CERN or NASA one day, although both seem far-fetched with my rather average intellect (my IQ has been measured to stand around 125).

I'm a horrible hypochondriac. Whenever there's a bump, I freak out. Whenever I get dizzy from bad sleep, I freak out (I've been quite light-headed lately due to a lot of academic pressure, or so I'd like to believe). I've learned to live with it, I suppose. Still a really unpleasant thing to experience.

Honestly, there isn't much to say about me. As you can see, I'm a politically active person of fairly average intellect. I write for fun, whenever it's fun. I work with random bursts of inspiration more than anything, so that's why I very rarely post much.

Note: I really despise incomprehensible poetry. Poetry that doesn't have a rhythm is ever worse. That's just my opinion, of course, but I'm pretty sure that nobody likes a pseudo-intellectual, ridged poem that doesn't flow.


- Writing - Tinkering - Mathematics (to a certain extent) - Physics - Video games - Computers in general - Computer maintenance - Technology - Limited philosophy - Chess (although I am awful at it) - Acting


Student of mechanical engineering in Prague.

I am big enough to admit I am often inspired by myself.
— Leslie Knope