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A Cancer is A Crab, So It's Not Surprising That I'm A Crabby Person!XD

About Me!

So, I am 13 years old. I love water, and the color blue, I happen to be a Cancer, or a crab. I love writing, I actually wrote a way too long story for a summative not too long ago this month (November). When you say something terrible about me, expect the worst to happen, just saying. I don't bite, I'm just picky who my friends are, if you like wolves? Yep! If you like YouTube? Obviously. If you like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye? You're basically family! All of them? My soul mate! Can't wait to talk!:)


Writing, Video Games, YouTube, Art, Water, Kids, Big houses, there's actually a lot more, but there's too many to list!


Middle Schooler Transitioning into a High Schooler?XD

Be careful or be roadkill.
— Calvin