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Lady Mysterio.

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About Lady Mysterio.

Hello! Welcome to my mysterious castle.

My name is LadyMysterio, though many on here refer to me as M'Lady.
My true passion is acting, but I do quite a bit of writing.

I love characters, especially villains!
And I adore murder mystery, marvel, Tolkien, and many other things
I am many things,a Lady being my favourite.
an overall mysterious person

You may find me in many places on here, in a wfp with my friends @thescribe, scheming up some conspiracy. With my friend @StellarJay chatting, with the ever-enthusiastic @euphoria8 giggling about who knows what, or last but not least with @MaybeAndrew, discussing Shakespeare, wishing we had a ball to go to, or just messing up the English language in general


I enjoy many things, art,writing, dressmaking, and many other hobbies.




If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.
— Peter Handke