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Lady Mysterio.

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About Lady Mysterio.

Hello! Welcome to my mysterious castle.

My name is LadyMysterio, though many on here refer to me as M'Lady.
My true passion is acting, but I do quite a bit of writing.

I love characters, especially villains!
And I adore murder mysterys, marvel, Tolkien, and many other things

I am many things, a Lady being my favourite.
leader and member of the #lokiverse
an overall mysterious person.

I don't have many people I hang out with around here, but the ones I do are the best people I could ever hope to have around me<:
@stellarjay, the most stellar person, someone who I hope my friendship with never ends,@queenshadowgem, who will probably never stop vividly chatting about Tom Hiddleston with me>.> something I'm very glad for because he's a wonderful actor. And last but very much not least, the best elf in ze world, the one person who'd I probably be dead without (theoretically that is>.>) @elfboy(what did you think it was gonna be Legolas or smt? pfft never) <: who probably means more to me than he could ever know <:


I enjoy many things, art, writing, dressmaking, and many other hobbies.




"We're just all nosy little busybodies."
— SirenCymbaline the Kiwi