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Greetings from the Land of the Dead

Heyy...Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night, (whichever one its when you're reading this), you have stumbled the profile of The Princess of Darkness...which is the fancy title I occasionally use but...uhh y'all can just call me Kate.

So about me...well I've haunted this site for just a bit over two years now...look at me adding time into this so I have to actually update this someday. Anyway, I'm usually found spamming the people's tab with reviews here and there when I find free time, or just generally chilling somewhere in the roleplay section. I am far too many roleplays for it to be healthy for a human. Don't try this at home mortals

I do write, novels mostly, or the occasionally crazy story when I'm attempting to break through writer's block the curse that affects even us immortals. If you're really, really lucky, you might spot a poem by me....but those happen once every sixty million years so...don't hold your breath.

As for me irl, I am a nerd, certified super nerd, I should put that as my occupation, but I don't cause the current one sounds far cooler, and I lead a proper nerd squad. This is why sometimes in my reviews you might see random references to chemistry, or maths...or physics....just be careful...you do not know what you might find.

I'm someone that sort of lives life being partially invisible to most people around me, not many people even in my own school know of my existence cause of that. But when I do make friends, I tend to be loyal, to the point I think it might be an actual fatal flaw...xD

And yeah, maybe that sums me or, or I'm just getting lazy of explaining myself, I dunno, take your pick...but at any rate, have yourself a very nice day, if it hasn't been a good one, I hope it gets better, if has been a good one, then well, still, make it better. I'll stop rambling now and I'll see you around the site somewhere...probably in a review...cause I have a problem...Byee<33

Stay Safe


Reading, Writing, Minecraft, Maths, Yes I know this is heresy to most but I love numbers... & Ice Cream


Border Patrol for The Fields of Punishment, Elysium, The Isles of the Blest and Tartarus.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
— George Santayana